Special Schools’ got talent

In this article Sarah from Vitamin T17 project sent here in Romania from the partner organization Pistes Solidaires, France, is telling us about her experience in Special Schools here in Bucharest – Scoala Speciala Gimnaziala nr. 3 and Scoala Speciala Gimnaziala nr. 9.

sarah 2

After the first hour spent in this school, I knew it would have always been a pleasure to go there: children are full of life and endearing.
During my first session we started with a presentation game with a ball, then we continued with diverse games for group cohesion and movements.
Instead during my second session we started to insert games about intercultural exchange. We introduced first numbers in French and Spanish, then colours in Spanish and Italian with interactive games.

Every child needs love and attention, and give it back to you.
Therefore, this is why we go to that Special School nr. 9 with a lot of fun and joy.

scoala speciala 9

But today I would like to put on light also another session that my friend Tiago and I did in Scoala Speciala nr 3.

First of all, what is important to know is that in this school, we work with a little group of kids and teenagers with some disabilities. But we do believe that if you want, and if you have all the keys, you can succeed to do everything in life. And to us, one of this key is for sure self confidence. This is the reason why we decided to organize a Scoala Speciala nr 3’s got talent, to show them how talented they are.

Therefore, we started the session by a little performance we did in front of them. The point was to break the ice, to show that if we do it, they can also. I decided to juggle and do some acrobatics, and Tiago danced according to different musics/dances styles.
Then, one kid paid a lot of attention to juggling and practised a lot with me. And some girls offered us a show dance which left us speechless.

That was the moment I truly understood that dance and arts in general, is a real way to express yourself and to communicate.

Sarah scuola speciale 3
To finish, some boys did acrobatics/hip hop tricks.
In the end of that session, all together we spent a good moment, we laugh a lot and we were equals.

I do hope I will remember that lesson for years.



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