Traveling in Vasile Center

By being volunteer in A.C.T.O.R, I lived a lot of moments like in a different universe.     The one I will tell you about is happening in a social center, Centrul de zi pentru educatia Timputie « Neghinita ». We are going there once a week, by group of around 4 volunteers to spend one hour with the kids in their Montessori room.

One day, we decided to “travel” with them: we took our backpacks and asked them where they wanted to go. The first destination was the mountain… “How can we go there? -By plane!” We acted, danced like if we were taking a plane and we finally arrived in the mountains. There, it was really “cold”, and we played with a snow ball (one ball of white cotton). Then, we took the “bus” to go to the “jungle” where we sang,  played drums and met animals.

It came time to go away from the “jungle” and go to the “sea”. In the “beach”, we danced together on a beach boys song, it was really funny! After so much “traveling”, we were really tired so, we put carefully some virtual cream (the occasion to do a massage!), we lied down all together on some towels and relaxed for a while.

At the end of every places where we “travelled”, we proposed to the children to draw the sensations they had,  supported by one inspiring music. Our purpose in this hour was to stimulate their imagination, thinking about sensations ( feeling cold, warm, stressed or relax… ), and expressing everything by drawing right after.

The reaction of the kids was really amazing, they were so involved, playing like if there was real snow, asking us for more places to discover, and almost falling asleep laying on the beach… They seemed like really living the “travel”… And so did we!




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