“La revedere, Bucuresti!” – Elena from Italy (S.M.I.L.E. II)

Have seven months already passed? But when did it happen? To me it seems yesterday when I arrived! I still remember well to have taken the metro for the first time and to have thought “but, will it be dangerous?”

Elena- mercato

Hello, I am Elena and I am 29 years old, and this is my first long-term experience outside Italy.

There have been very intense months and
I almost did not realize how many things I did and how many things I changed in me.
First of all I’m not afraid of the subway anymore, but above all I’m less afraid to “do”. You are always afraid of something you do not know and when I started, I had a lot of fears. Now thinking about it, it makes me laugh!

I fell in love with this place where you can play badminton in the parking lots, where in a bar the bartender starts singing and everyone starts dancing, where if you do not know where to find something … anything, the first answer is to go at the old market of Obor.
I fell in love with the smiles, the curiosity …
of the gipsy music, the Romanian trap, the voices … of the covrigi by Luca and the strength and tenacity that people have here.

Words would not be enough to describe the experience in hospitals, special and non-special schools. It has something to do with a rollover, something like starting over from zero. At first I felt like a child too: disoriented, unable to express myself … then, slowly, things began to take a shape. The children displace you, teach you how to play, in this case they also teach you to talk … they teach you that often everything is much simpler than it seems. This is perhaps the greatest teaching that they gave me, which I still can not apply to everything, because I’ve never been able to give the right weight to things.
I still have a lot to learn …


At school in the last few months I have proposed a lesson on “creating your monster”,
a way to exorcise, a way to express a feeling, a way to face and use imagination.
As the children created their monsters, I learned to get to know mine better and make friends with each other.


There are many people I would like to thank, but I will do it in person.
For sure I thank A.C.T.O.R for giving me the opportunity to grow and learn.
I will miss all of Bucharest and its quirks, because when you fall in love, you fall in love with both beautiful things and less beautiful ones…

Now I feel able to reach my dream of becoming Theater Therapist, or at least to try.

It makes me really strange to leave all this and I’m sure I’ll come back somehow …

La revedere, Bucuresti.



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