Elena and her thoughts

BUNA! I’m Elena and I arrived in Bucharest in November.

I’m Italian and I’m involved in an EVS project called S.M.I.L.E. II, my Sending Organization is Cemea del Mezzogiorno onlus.


To tell the truth for me it was a dream to visit / live in Eastern Europe, I’ve always been fascinated by these places.

In this project we do activities in schools, and having participated for many years in several laboratories of Theater Therapy in Italy I thought to focus my lessons on emotions.

Elena teatro

It is an extremely simple and complex subject, for children it is not always easy to define what an emotion is and how it occurs (very often it is not even for adults), for this reason I believe that it is better for children to start early in developing an emotional intelligence, I think this is fundamental. It’s important in many ways: to realize the presence of the other, to have a different awareness during the growth and above all not to fear the strongest or the most difficult emotions and to be able to face and accept them.


Obviously, the influence of the theater is very present and I happen to try to dramatize in a simple way the main emotions, this allows children to spontaneously express the mood of the day, and this is very positive because it makes some feelings to go out in a protected context.

For me it is a great opportunity to be able to experience my activities in schools.

“We are only aged children, who go to bed angry in the evening.” cit Lewis Carrol – Alice through the mirror.

Elena Pilotto

Elena - Erasmus

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