EVS A.C.T.O.R. Volunteers to Amara

The alarm is ringing, wake up it’s 5 a.m.!

This week we’ve been in Amara a town far from Bucuresti more or less 100 km. The appointment with Stefanita was at 6 a.m. close to the flat. We were late. We met at 6.30 a.m. I forgot, I was with Tiago, Marie, Natalie, Lina and Luis.


We arrived to the “Gradinita” at 9 a.m. The teachers were nice, they offered us coffee and some food. Our activities there were not the same of the other schools because we had only 15 minutes for each lesson and 6 classes, where we had to rotate in all. I decide to do only games, songs and teach numbers because we didn’t have time to draw. I like when kids have fun hearing me singing (obviously out of tune) and dancing badly. I started with the first class, they were “mijlocie” and they were super reactive; after I went to “mare” and “mare” again, the time flies! After 15 minutes  break, I went in other three classes, children there were so small and a bit tired. I tried to don’t tire them too much. The last class was “mica”, they were exhausted, so I did some relaxing games and “gata”!

After that we had some time to chill out a bit, chatting with teachers. They even offered us some “typical (school) food” and again in the car, between a “Cade copacul” and someone who snores, we arrived finally to Bucuresti. I felt a bit tired, but really satisfied because it was a different and nice day.

Thank you, Stefanita, Luis, Natalie, Tiago, Marie and Lina, but above all, thank you, “copii”!

Pa Pa! Filippo from Italy (Vitamin T 17)

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