Teaching Waltz to kids

“One-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three”.

You could here it again and again in Colegiul Mihai Eminescu for at least 4 hours a week until it came out of the children’s ears. However, that was more than necessary because we only had 3 weeks to create, practice and make a choreography ready to perform for the annual “Festivalul AICI ACOLO” at Tandarica Theatre on 9 May 2018.

Now imagine: you come in a class of 30 children of 9 years old for the first time and you try to convince them that dancing Waltz is something cool… Of course, the first reaction is: ‘Oh my god, I have to touch a girl/ a boy’ or ‘No! Of course I don´t like dancing, the others could find out that I actually like it…’.
Natalie and I really tried our best to make clear that that is nothing awkward or stupid and the more time we had together the more the children started to really like what they were doing. Moreover, it was also a little disaster to create the pairs, which are essential to dance Waltz, because of the small amount of time; we just put them randomly together and most of the pairs were satisfied with their partners. However, some of them hated or loved each other so not every combination was possible. Fortunately, they solved those problems on their own, so we really could work on the choreography.

dancingWe were extremely surprised how fast children at this age are learning. It was a quite complicated choreography and they managed it to remember all the steps and at the same time they kept the rhythm. For some of them it was the first time performing at a stage of that size and they really succeeded at this difficult challenge. We are really proud of them!

Valentin from Vitamin T17


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