Call for EVS volunteers for PaC – Parenting as Citizenship in A.C.T.O.R., Bucharest, Romania

A.C.T.O.R. is looking for 8 European volunteers for a 6 month EVS project in Bucharest, the capital of Romania coming from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Italy and Spain.

Application deadline 30.04.2018

The name of this EVS project is PaC – Parenting as Citizenship.

The EVS stage duration: 01.09.2018- 27.02.2019


We are looking for 18-30 years old volunteers who have:

– motivation to live and work in a big European Capital (Bucharest);

– motivation to work with youngsters and children in hospitals and social centers (also disadvantage ones);

– motivation to work with children in schools (primary schools and kindergartens) involving also teachers and parents;

– basic knowledge of English and interest in learning Romanian;

– interest in any form of art (cuisine, music, dance, theatre, art, art & crafts, etc…);

– interest in psycho-pedagogy and childhood education.


The main idea which inspired the project is that parents should get involved with the learning of their children and support them in their school activities, spending with them more qualitative time. The interconnection among institutions, teachers and parents could increase the overall level of children’s development.

For many years A.C.T.O.R. worked in this context bringing cultural diversity in Romanian schools thanks to the EVS volunteers, making them grow as active citizens. At the same time, a bit unconsciously, A.C.T.O.R. improved the relationship between institutions, teachers and parents, making the last ones more involved in their children’s learning. Observing all the benefits, which came from this, it has come the time to do a step forward.

PaC’s GOAL: 8 volunteers for 6 months will come to Bucharest to develop a program targeting the increase of parents’ awareness about their role as active citizens in relation with the educative institutions.


  1. to help the EVS volunteers to understand the values of active citizenship by doing efforts to stimulate parents to understand their community responsibilities in being more involved in the schools’ life of their children.
  2. to increase the awareness of the EVS volunteers about the importance of the sense of initiative and active participation as well as their skills by fostering the cooperation between parents and educative institutions.
  3. to develop their competences and a greater understanding of the UE values by sharing their cultural diversity and reaching the awareness of the existence of different teaching and parenting methods, creating strategic actions for parents and schools to understand the educational process.

With their actions (discussions, workshops, toolbox, etc…) volunteers can contribute exchanging new methods and culture among volunteers, children, parents and teachers. Volunteers can propose different and non formal methods to involve both parents and teachers in the activities with children because children learn by doing and playing and this is missing in the education system. As result everyone will gain and become a better citizen.


The activities the volunteer will do are:

  • Attending to trainings (On Arrival Training and Mid Term by National Agency and basic trainings in A.C.T.O.R. about socio-cultural animator, ex. Balloon modelling, origami, puppet theatre, etc…);
  • Designing and leading non-formal activities (in the field of art for education) for children, teachers and parents in schools (primary schools and kindergartens);
  • Designing and leading clinical animation sessions for children & youngsters in hospitals & social centres;
  • Promoting volunteering through non-formal activities and Forum Theatre sessions with youngsters;
  • Organizing the Christmas campaign collecting toys for children & youngsters who are in hospitals & social centres;
  • Running the visibility of the project (writing articles, managing the blog and the Facebook page of the project);
  • Creating a toolkit about practices and non-formal activities for children engaging teachers and parents.


Read PAC_Volunteering Infopack in A.CT.O.R for more info.

If you are interested apply here and send us your CV and Cover letter by e-mail to and



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