ME+NTOR la COMPASS din Kaposvar Ungaria

Perioada: 25.11-3.12.2017

Organizatia Gazda COMPASS

Tip de mobilitate: Job shadow

Particpant Eugenia BARBU



A calatori pentru a descoperi cum se implementeaza proiectele cu voluntari din cadrul Erasmus plus- tineret, pentru a vorbi cu mentori si reprezentanti ai comunitatilor locale colaborand cu voluntari internationali a fost o sansa pe care mi-a oferit-o A.C.T.O.R. prin acest proiect numit ME+NTOR.

Compass din Kaposvar este o organizatie care are activitati destinate unui spectru foarte amplu de beneficiari- din scoli, licee, centre sociale…etc, realizate de o echipa de management mica, gestionand in mod constant in jur de 20 de voluntari din tari ale Uniunii Europene si Turcia.

Niki si Zuzana, conduse strategic de Andrea, pun cu mult talent si pasiune, acest oras cu aproape 30 000 de locuitori, pe harta europeana educatiei nonformale in context intercultural. Mentorii voluntarilor SEV provin din randul profesorilor de licee, interesati de educatia nonformala.

Scopul calatoriei mele a fost sa inteleg atat aspecte legate de management de proiect, cat si metode si strategii legate de asistenta mentorala, de calitate si de efectele pe care aceasta le poate aduce in cresterea sanselor de angajabilitate ale tinerilor voluntari.

Organizatiile noastre au o serie de aspecte comune legate de faptul ca suntem din tari est-europene, dar si o serie de diferente generate de dimensiunea si de reactivitatea comunitatilor locale din  orasele de bastina.

Am convingerea ca prin aceasta mobilitate organizatiile noastre vor avea o cooperare fructuasa , pe termen lung.


Traveling to discover how to implement projects with Erasmus plus youth volunteers to talk with mentors and representatives of local communities collaborating with international volunteers was a chance that ATCC offered to me. through this project called ME + NTOR.

Compass in Kaposvar is an organization that has activities for a wide range of beneficiaries – from schools, lyceums, social centers … etc, made by a small management team, constantly managing around 20 volunteers from countries of the European Union and Turkey.

Niki and Zuzana, strategically run by Andrea, are putting a lot of talent and passion, this city with nearly 30,000 inhabitants, on the European map of non-formal education in an intercultural context. Mentors of EVS volunteers come from high school teachers interested in non-formal education.

The purpose of my trip was to understand both aspects of project management as well as methods and strategies related to mentoring, quality and the effects that it can bring in increasing the employability of young volunteers.

Our organizations have a number of common issues related to the fact that we are from Eastern European countries, but also a series of differences generated by the size and reactivity of local communities in the native cities.

I am convinced that through this mobility our organizations will have fruitful cooperation in the long run.


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