Call for EVS volunteers’ “Vitamin T 17” by A.C.T.O.R. (second flow)


If you are interested in being a volunteer in the field of performing arts for art-education and clinic animation, this is your dream project!

Because A.C.T.O.R.’ team is looking for candidates for an approved project in Erasmus Plus Program named Vitamin T (Theater)17.

 The EVS stage duration: 01.03.18- 27.08.18

Goal -VT 17 main goal is to involve 7 EVS volunteers from European Union countries, especially- Austria, Estonia, France, Italy,  Lithuania,  Portugal and Spain, hosted in Romania to develop cooperation between different stakeholders involved in education to promote the arts, especially the performing arts in education and in therapy to all partners’ local communities working with and for disadvantaged kids in Bucharest, promoting an active participation and volunteering attitude, the cultural diversity and the UE values to young generations of the hosting and sending communities involved in the project.



  • Performances and events for disadvanaged kids and youth
  • Clinical animation for ill and disadvantaged kids
  • Socio-cultural animation for kids in schools and kindergartens
  • Promotion of volunteering for youth and teenagers
  • Artistic events for social causes.

more about VT 17

Volunteering Infopack in A.C.T.O.R. VT17 second flow–108521632824985/?fref=ts

If you are interested please apply here or write

Deadline 30.11.17.

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