Call for EU partners – EVS project European Solidarity Design (ESD)

We are looking for partners just from EU countries!

project’s title:
European Solidarity Design (ESD)

project’s aim: 
to involve 2 successively groups of 6 European volunteers working each one for 6 months in Bucharest, Romania to develop promotional actions for “European Solidarity Corps” targeting youth from the local communities of all organizations involved in this project through the visual communication design.

to empower the 12  EVS volunteers in their 6 months stages:

  1. to gain visual communication design competencies creating one tool kit for 2 different promotional strategies (campaigns at the local level and also on line for wide open community) about the “solidarity” concept for X youth organizations from Y countries .
  2. to gain social cultural competencies being involved in solidarity actions in the hosting community dedicated to different categories of 120 disadvantaged kids and youth from 4 hospitals and 2 social centers.
  3. to increase the awareness of the EVS volunteers about sense of initiative and active participation as well as understanding of the EU values by sharing their cultural diversity by fostering the new initiative European Solidarity Corps for 200 kids and 80 youth

project’s duration:
20 months starting with 1.08.17

activities periods:
1.09.17 – 27.02.18 and 1.03.18 – 28.08.18

You can download here
mandate – mandate_en_2017 ESD
partner information form – partners-form_ACTOR ESD

Please full fill carefully, sign and stamp the mandate and send them to and We need sending organizations documents for the application until 24.04.17.

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