ME+NTOR- Call for partners

Call for partners 

name of the project: ME+NTOR         

afis promo.jpg

Project’s duration: 1.09.17- 31.07.18

Goal: Many organizations with experience in the EVS projects need to compare and explore new perspectives about the mentors’ role and activity and to share their work and methodologies in the EVS learning process’ field.

Activities’ structure: A team of 20 mentors from UE countries will have the chance to discover the EVS mentoring “secrets”, with:

  • job shadow actions in Bucharest Romania for 7 days between September and March 2017/ working with our local mentors and with our hosted EVS volunteers, discovering our realities, procedures and strategies in the mentoring process
  • a training course hosted in Romania in March 2018  – collecting all the results of the job shadowing actions, understanding the experiential learning and intercultural challenges, discovering and sharing the most modern and successful mentors’ tools.

 Who can apply?

We are looking for the organization with EVS accreditation, running minimum one EVS project in the last year, interested to create and to develop to their local mentors’ team better competencies in the EVS experiential learning process.

 How can apply?  Please download the templates from here,

mandate_en_2017-ME+NTOR– signed and stamped, in scan format

partenrs-form-for-actor-mentor april 17

full fill carefully both of them and  send them to

Deadline to receive partner’s documents –10.04.17

Deadline for application to the Romanian NA- 26.04.17

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