Call for Partners for a New EVS project in Romania – PaC – Parenting as Citizenship


Call for a new EVS project in Romania

Name of the project: PaC- Parenting as Citizenship

 A.C.T.O.R. – Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania is looking for partners from European/Programme countries for a KA1 project, EVS. The application will be submitted under ERASMUS+ program, to the National Agency for April deadline.

Duration of the project: 18 months

Place: Bucharest, Romania

EVS stages duration: 6 months each

EVS periods:

stage number 1: 1.08.17- 1.02.18

stage number 2: 1/02/18-1.08.18


Goal: PaC’s goal is to involve 10 + 10 volunteers for 6+6 months from European Partner Countries to develop a program targeting the increase of parents’ awareness about their role as active citizens in relation with the educative steakholders in society


  1. The project will help the EVS volunteers, including those with fewer opportunities, to understand the values of the active citizenship by doing efforts to stimulate the parents to understand their community responsibilities in being more involved in the schools’ life of their children.
  2. The project will increase the awareness of the EVS volunteers about the importance of the sense of initiative and active participation as well as their skills by fostering the cooperation between parents and the educative institutions.
  3. The project will help the EVS volunteers to develop their competences and a greater understanding of the UE values by sharing their cultural diversity and reaching the awareness of the existence of different teaching and parenting methods.


– Socio cultural animation for kids in schools and kindergartens;

– Artistic workshops for parents and children;

– Creative sessions for parents and teachers;

– Clinical animation for ill and disadvantaged kids and parents in hospitals;

– Volunteering promotional activities.


Candidate profile:
Young people between 18- 30 years old, with the employability difficulties, motivated to experiment actions involving local communities for social causes.

The candidate must be open mind, creative, adaptable, able to have commitment for social causes, especially working for different kind of vulnerable target groups.

The good level of English will be recommended for the team-work process but also for learning Romanian language.

How to apply:

We are open to build partnerships working just with organization EVS accredited from UE countries.

The interested candidate organizations must apply until 24th March 2017.

The selected organizations will receive the mandate by email until 31st March 2017 and we expect to receive the scan and the original document until max 7th April 2017.

Please download this document

partners-form-for-parenting as citizenship

full fill them and send it by email to and

If we will select you like partners, we will ask you to send us the signed and stamped mandate document scanned by post, too.

Thank you!


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