Call for a New EVS project in Romania- Call for Vitamin T 17


Call for a  New EVS project  in Romania

Name of the project: Vitamin T 17


VT 17 main goal is to involve 14 EVS volunteers from 7 countries, hosted in Romania in two 6 months successive fluxes to develop the cros sectorial cooperation to promote the arts, especially the performing arts in education and in therapy to all partners’ local communities working with and for disadvantaged kids in Bucharest, promoting an active participation and volunteering attitude and the cultural diversity UE values to the young generation of the hosting and sending communities involved in the project.

Duration of the project: one year

EVS stages duration: 6 months each

EVS periods:

stage number 1: 1.08.17- 1.02.18

stage number 2: 1/02/18-1.08.18


  • Performances and events for disadvanaged kids and youth
  • Clinical animation for ill and disadvantaged kids
  • Socio cultural animation for kids in school and kindergarten
  • Promotion of volunteering for youth and teenagers
  • Artistic events for social causes.

more about:–108521632824985/?fref=ts



Candidate profile:

Young people between 17- 30 years old, with the interest in art for education and therapy, motivated to experiment art education and art therapy.

The candidate must be open mind, creative, adaptable, able to have artistic talents and interests especially in working for different kind of vulnerable target groups.

The good level of English will be recommended for the team work process but also for the learning Romanian language.

We are open to build VT 17 partnership working just with organization EVS accredited from UE countries.

The interested candidate organizations must apply until 18.01.17 here

The selected organizations will receive the mandate by email until 19.01.17 and we expect to receive the scan and the original document until max 22.01.17


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