Call for partners /Arts for Rights. PBA. KA1

Call for partners

Arts for Rights

Deadline for application to the Romanian NA –

Deadline to receive partner’s documents – 30,12,16

PBA’s dates: 20.08.2017 – 26.08.2017

Activities’ structure:  NGOs involved with educational insitutions or youth in using performing arts for non-formal education and experts in the field of immigration will come together to bring forth their experiences in  the form of a „market”  where they will be able to trade information in order to empower the artists involved to develop and get involved in immigrant related projects. A.C.T.O.R.’s team will be conducting discussions, games and experimenting with methods which will lead to an „open space” that will be held in the last project days where projects will be designed and advanced, hopefully perfected to be applied for the September deadline.

Goal: Due to the oncoming problem of immigration the European Union has been facing, there has been a declining shift regarding the balance of human rights. Thus, organizations involved in using performing arts as a tool in education need to understand and explore this new field in order to use the compelling power of liberal arts for the inclusion of immigrants.


Creating a group of proffesionals which is to enable them to exchange experiences and strategies in order to better understand the current situation and develop methods and projects that will impact goal target group.

Using applied arts on human rights which will lead to a greater impact of the individuals (target group) and the community in order to advance or bypass the current state of matters regarding the immigrants.

to apply please use this link:

The selected organizations will be contacted to send the mandate after 31,12,16

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