Call for partners KA1 – YOUTH PERFORMS

A.C.T.O.R. – Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania is looking for partners from European/Program countries for a KA1 project. The application will be submitted under ERASMUS+ program, to the National Agency for 2nd of February deadline.


Deadline for application to the Romanian NA – 2.02.17

Deadline to receive partner’s documents – 30.12.16

Project’s duration: 1.06.17- 1.12.17

TC period: 23-29.07.2017

Activities’ duration: 7 days

Location: Romania

Goal: A team of 20 youth workers (especially dealing with EVS) from UE countries will have to be part of a training course hosted in Romania (between 20.08.17- 27.08.17) to empower and increase the quality of their actions in developing projects in intercultural contexts using performing arts.

Objectives: The participants are invited to experiment and get new ideas about how they can improve their projects’ quality:

– Exploring new techniques, methodologies and tools about performing arts in their activities with EVS volunteers;

– Acquiring expertise to be able to develop youth projects in the field of education by performing arts for different target groups (ex. Disadvantage, few opportunities, etc…);

– Achieve leadership skills and competences in performing art in education.

Who can apply? We are looking for Youth Workers from organizations with EVS accreditation, running minimum one EVS project in the last year, interested to receive a learning opportunity experience in using performing arts as main tool in a EVS project. They should have experience or just interest in organizing EVS projects and in developing and improving their working methods in relation with the volunteers.
 We are looking for 6-10 partner organizations – 2-3 participants per country.

More info: ERASMUS+ Programme covers food & accommodation and participants will be reimbursed the travel costs according to travel distances upon presentation of travel documents. The venue of the event will be in Codlea (close to Brasov), Transylvania, Romania.

How to apply? Please download the templates from here


and  send them to , please put all the information about your organizations, including your EVS accreditation numbers

If your organization will be selected you ll have to send the mandate signed and stamped, in scan format until 10th of January

Respecting the deadline to send us the first documents until 30.12.16 you will help us a lot! Thank you!


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