EVS CAMP | Happy 20th EVS anniversary

Romanian National Agency with  the cooperation of Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj-Napoca organized this year the EVS Camp in occasion of 20th EVS anniversary and I got the chance to participate.


Summarizing I have to say that it was for me a nice opportunity to get involved in the Erasmus+ Romanian Community, National Agency Employees, other Coordinators, Mentors, Volunteers and Romanian youth; I have met old friends, volunteers that I knew in On Arrival Training, and I met new friend; it was a good experience to compare my EVS status and phases and I got the chance to improve my Romanian, that because almost all the Camp was spoken in Romanian. During the Camp there were different workshops, talks and discussions. I got a bit scared about life after EVS and so on, because most of the current Mentors, Coordinators or Youth workers had EVS experience and almost all of them were saying how difficult has been for them to get integrated after it. In the final day I also proposed a workshop, I have tested myself in leading and training, another time, a group of 24 participants, this time. I didn’t expect many participants to my workshop. May was the name to get them curious about. In fact “One thing leads to another” it’s totally no clear, but actually has a meaning that take shape during the workshop in itself. This workshop had the aim to share a method done by knowledge acquired from studies and experiences I have done, sharing in it thoughts and stimulating a kind of reflections about the drawing as tool and metaphor for everything. It consists in few exercises were participant are invited to draw in a non-formal way, they are invited to make “mistakes” using unusual techniques or ways to drawing. In the while they discover how drawing is something about you can laugh, have fun, socialize, chill and understand.

I’m really glad to have been in EVS Camp, I guess it will be important in my future life the big number and different kind of little experiences I had inside it. (written by Antonio Lionetti)


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