“Aici Acolo” lessons | «It’s an exchange of knowledge, culture and love» | Sustainable Development Goals | Quality Education


4. quality edu“The Aici-Acolo Program is based on cultural diversity and aims to bring it in the Romanian education system in informal way. Thus, 26 volunteers from different countries included me, Silvia from Italy, present our cultural identity through activities and games about some cultural topic chosen by us in three lessons in each class.
At first we received a Pedagogical training by two amazing Romanian teachers, Catalin Zestran and Lavinia Popescu, then we worked on our lesson plan and I remember how difficult it was for me the idea of creating my lesson, but in the end everything was fine and I got the magic “green” for my lesson plan. Then it came the hardest part: realize what I wrote… On the paper everything is easy, but when you are for the first time in front of about 28 little children looking at you and having great expectations from you…bah, then it’s not easy to follow your plan… Yes, I was afraid of 3-years old children, and also quite a lot!

Then I started and everything became spontaneous and funny. In time I learned how to manage every situation and unexpected event, how to be relaxed in front of the children and enjoy those moments with them, how to get their attention and to calm down them because sometimes they can be too much excited by the activity you are proposing, etc… My lessons are about Italian food, so you can imagine their excitement when they find out the topic, all of them scream at me: “Pizza, lasagna…”
This Program is a great opportunity for everybody, children, teachers and volunteers and every time is different and you learn something new. Children get the opportunity to “travel” in another country, teachers get new perspectives and ideas and volunteers…we maybe get the most… thanks to the children we discover ourselves and thanks to the teachers we learn new ways of approaching to the children. It’s an exchange of knowledge, culture and love!

In the end the most important thing that matters is that scream that you hear every second and third lesson when you enter in the class: “Silviaaaaaa!”, then a running towards you, hugs and kisses and you are practically buried by them…This is one of the best memories I will bring back with me after the end of the project. “


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