Romanian vs. Italian educational system | Sustainable Development Goals | Quality Education


4. quality edu


“According to my personal experience here in Romania as a volunteer and in Italy as a student I can say that I cannot find so many differences between the two systems of education and those few differences put the Romanian system of education in advantage compared to the Italian one.

Maybe my point of view is too much strict and negative when it comes to speak about the Italian system of education and Italy in general, but I cannot forget my enthusiasm and astonishment when I entered in a Romanian school for the first time. Now I visited a lot of schools and I can definitely say that schools and kindergartens look so much better. Everything seems new and well treated, everything is so different from the old furniture we have in the public schools. Moreover, in many classes you have computers and projectors, in Italian schools we only have the computer room for the entire school somewhere; in other cases we have one or two laptops that all teachers of the school have to reserve if they need. For sure this depends on how much education is important in one country and as a consequence how much importance in terms of funds it receives.

I have the impression that when it comes to this topic everything is better here in Romania. I think you have good standards and teachers really try to make children responsible. The first time I entered in a kindergarten was early in the morning and children were having breakfast, I remember how quiet and autonomous they were, helping the school workers to prepare breakfast tables and take food from the boxes. These are little, but important details.

Another huge difference is the break. In Italy we only have one little break around 11 o’ clock of about 10 or 15 minutes, it depends from the school and that’s it. Of course if there is the change of the teacher (it depends from the subject) Italian students can stand up a little, but it’s not a real break. That’s why I was surprised when I saw that every hour you have 10 minutes break. I think it’s something really important and helps a lot children to be focused and more relaxed for the next 50 minutes.

All my impressions regarding the Romanian system of education are good and I’m happy to have had the opportunity of knowing it.” (Silvia Tursi, Italy, Vitamin T+)

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