A.C.T.O.R.’s volunteer to CONNECTOR 2015


Anul asta am mers la Cluj pentru un eveniment foarte special:Connector. A fost un eveniment cu mai mult sau mai putin trei sute de participant de 35 tari diferit de toate varstele.  Am inceput la 30 de Iunie cu presentari informative, iar din 1 iulieau fost organizate atelierele in grupa separate. Au fost saptesprezece atelierele diferite derulandu-se simultan. Tema comuna a fost invatarea. Un moment special a fost in seara de 1 iulie cand a avut loc serata interculturala cu mancare din multe tari si frumoase dansuri romanesti.

Eu am participat la atelierul de Teatru de umbre unde am scris o piesa de teatru relationat cu citatul “Daca nu incerci, nu vei sti niciodata”. Dar am experimentat si alte atelierele, cum pe exemplu cel de percutie (drumming).Mi-am descoperit o pasiune noua,din primul moment in care am batut la tobe si m-am simtit mai viu ca niciodata.

In concluzie, saptamana asta a fost una dintre cele mai bune experiente din viata mea. Am cunoscut persoana super minunate din multe tari, am discoperit pasiune noi, m-am rediscoperit si am ras si am clans in acelas timp .

Un articol de Victor (Vito) Paez


                This year I’ve gone to Cluj for a really special event: Connector. It is a meeting between more or less three hundred people from 35 different countries and from all ages. We started the 30th of June with an informative presentation and the first of July we started with the workshops in separated groups. We had seventeen different workshops about similar topics but different at the same time. The common topic was learning. The first of July we also had intercultural night, with food from a lot of countries and Romanian dances.

                I attended to Light and Shadow theater and we wrote a theater play related with the quote “If you never try you will never know”. But I experienced with other workshops, like for example drumming. With drumming I have discovered a new passion, from the first moment I hit the drums I felt more alive than ever.

                In conclusion, this week has been one of the best experiences of my life. I have met amazing new people from a lot of countries, I have discovered new passions, I rediscovered myself I have cried and laughed at the same time.

by Victor (Vito) Paez

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