Call for partners : Change your way, improve every day

Change your way, improve every day

Change your way, improve every day
Codlea, Romania,
26 August-1 September 2015
A.C.T.O.R. – Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania is looking for partners from European/Programme countries for a KA1 project. The application will be submitted under ERASMUS+ program, to the National Agency for 4th of February deadline.
“Change your way, improve every day” is a Contact-Making Seminar in the field of management of EVS projects. The participants are invited to experiment new ideas about how they can improve their projects’ quality.
The need of enhancing EVS projects throughout Europe in view of volunteers’ employability is a demanding reality on the labor market nowadays.
Participants will share, develop and reinforce their ways of managing EVS projects closely related to the key competences that volunteers should obtain in the end of their experience. We will challenge you to take a close look to what EVS is meaning for youngsters in terms of professional work and consciousness of the skills that they must develop in order to reach competitiveness.
THE MAIN PURPOSE of our Seminar is to create a long-term Strategic Partnership for raising the standards in EVS projects’ Management, therefore increasing employability of volunteers.
A BEST PRACTICEs Tool-Kit will be conducted with the aim of enlarging our NETWORK.
Change your way, improve every day SEMINAR
The OBJECTIVES of the Seminar are:
 To improve quality of European Voluntary Service projects with focus on employability by creating “pilot”-projects – as instruments of managing EVS projects, sharing methods of dealing large groups of volunteers, maximize the activities within the EVS projects;
 Enforcing European cooperation in the EVS youth field and develop youth projects;
 Enhance the use of monitoring, evaluation, recognition and validation tools for competencies acquired through non-formal learning in the partner’s organization.
The seminar targets experienced Youth workers with EVS, project managers of EVS and mentors. They should have experience with organizing EVS projects and a great interest in developing and improving their working methods in relation with the volunteers.
We are looking for 6-10 partner organizations – 2-3 participants/country.
ERASMUS+ Programme covers food & accommodation and participants will be reimbursed the travel costs according to travel distances upon presentation of travel documents. The venue of the event will be in Codlea (close to Sibiu and Brasov), Transylvania, Romania.

You can find more details here: Call for Partners Change your way improve every day
If you are interested, please complete THE MANDATE (signed&scanned), ( here you can download it: MANDAT-Change-your-way-improve-every-day )THE PARTNER INFO (here you can downloadit: Empty_form Seminar Change your way, improve every day) and send it to to the latest by 2 of February.
Thank you!

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