Pedagogy Training

Getuta made an introduction about the different stages children have as they grow. For example, at one they cooperate with dressing, wave goodbye, understand simple commands. They can bable 2 or 3 words repeatedly, drop toys and watches where they go. At 18 months they demands constant mothering, feed themselves with a spoon.

10449513_809301072425508_7730537167769313849_nThey will start speaking and will recognise their favourite songs and will try to join in.At 2 years old they will start joining 2, 3 words in a sentence and they will start playing with others. At 3 years they will costantly ask questions and will start to use sentences.They will play cooperatively and undress with assistance. At 4 they use many infantile sbstitutions at speech and they go to toilet on their own. At 5they have fluent  speech with few infantile substitutions. Dresses and undresses alone. At 6 they speak fluently.She showed us some activities and games to do with children in kindergardens. Some of the activities we did were making figures out of matches, putting pictures on the floor like a cat, dog, tiger… and she put the name of each animal so each of us had to go to our respective animal.Another activity we did was taking objects out of a bag and giving a description about each of them. For older children we did the same but we made a story with each of the objects from the bag. At the end of the class we were told to make something typical from our cultures.I decided to make an english breakfast out of clay. Getuta asked us to prepare an activity related to our culture for the following day.10701954_809300919092190_7708245373357141612_n

Each one of us prepared a different activity for the second lesson. I drew some of the most important landmarks in London and put them on the floor. I put on everyones t –shirt the names of the landmarks so the children (the rest of the volunteers) had to find their respective landmark. Others sang typical children’s songs from their country or played a traditional children’ game.

Carolina Prichard

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