The Last Meeting of the Gruntvig Partnership “New Life to Traditional Stories”, in Porto

“New Life for traditional stories” – Gruntvig Partnership, Portugal

10151980_10203488468525559_6979773383581167060_nIn perioada 20-25.06.2014, Alina Vatavu si Madalina Nicola au participat la ultima intalnire din cadrul parteneriatului Gruntvig “New Life for Traditional Stories”, in Porto. Alaturi de participant din Estonia, Portugalia, Finlanda, Italia si Franta am participat la trei work-shop-uri menite sa organizeze spectacolul final, bazat pe elemente adunate din povestile traditionale ale fiecarei tari. Totul a inceput prin cateva jocuri de cunoastere, apoi am inceput work-shop-urile in forta.

DSCN0580 Echipa romana a participat la construirea unui gigant inspirat din dragonii chinezi si imbunatatit cu elemente adunate din povestile traditionale readuse la viata. A fost o activitate de grup armonioasa, ideile au venit din toate partile si am reusit sa creionam un personaj multicultural care sa se armonizeze cu activitatea work-shop-urilor de dans si muzica. Au urmat repetitii de grup, in care am reusit cu totii sa cantam cantece traditionale portugheze si sa ne apropiem mai mult de scopul acestui parteneriat, acela de a da o viata noua povestilor din trecut. Atmosfera de relaxare a fost cea care a dominat, totul desfasurandu-se placut si eficient. Intreaga saptamana a fost plina de cultura portugheza, culminand cu petrecerea stradala de Sao Joao. In linistea de dupa petrecere intregul grup a animat strazile Porto-ului, intr-o zi in care ploaia a fost binevoitoare si a luat o pauza.


Between 20-25.06.2014, Alina Vatavu and Madalina Nicola participated in the last meeting of the Gruntvig Partnership “New Life to Traditional Stories”, in Porto. Along with participants from Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Italy and France we took part at three workshops  meant to organize the final performance, based on elements gathered from the traditional stories of each country. It all started with some ice breakers and the work-shops began strongly.

10464275_10204444468975867_547207332326436664_nThe Romanian team took part in the work-shop meant to build a giant inspired by Chinese festival dragons and to improve it with the revived elements of old stories. It was a harmonious team work, in which ideas came from all parts and built a multicultural character able to fit in with the work of the dance and singing work-shops. Everything was followed by team rehearsals in which we were all able to sing traditional Portuguese songs and get closer to the purpose of this meeting, that of bringing back to life old traditional stories. The working atmosphere was relaxed and it all came out in a pleasant an effective way. The whole week was filed with Portuguese culture, especially with the experience of the Sao Joao celebration, a night street party.  In the silent morning after Sao Joao the whole group brought the streets of Porto back to life in a moment in which the rain was kind enough to take a break.



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