Call for partners for Erasmus +/ KA2(youth) / 30.04.14 deadline

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Project’s goal

To develop an educational strategy adapted to the needs and realities of European youth- trough experiential and intercultural actions- in order to support the process of forming a responsible attitude as European citizens, contributing indirectly to the stimulation of their competitive sense on the labor market.



– Rising awareness in order to develop new relevant key competences and skills which will be useful in order to achieve active participation to the creation of a cohesive society at a local and European level, generating a stimulating entrepreneurial attitude towards the competition in the labor market.

– Experimenting in BYELU 2the space of formal education of some non-formal methods in order to find an efficient way to handle relationships between youth and school, family and society.

– Creating a strategy to influence formal education in order to take on the experimental and intercultural methods researched by the project through the dissemination of the materials done as a result of the project.

– Stimulating the curiosity towards the needs of the society/local community and developing active citizenship in the purpose of building and involving in European partnerships.

Stakeholders and target groups:

The project will develop in collaboration with European youth organizations, high schools and vocational schools.    This project activities are focused to get youth workers, teachers and parents to share their professional and personal experience.

Candidates Partners profile:

We are looking for partners from European countries that possess the capacity to involve this project in education institutions. Each organization will collaborate with a high school or nearby educational institute. Anyhow, every partner school and organization will need a PIC code and a stamped, signed mandate.


period action Type Target group

Oct 2014-







Kick off meeting- Skype Project’s coordinators
Research about theme at the local level Local activities Teenagers, Teachers, Youth Workers, Parents
Exchange EVS Mobility/ research EVS and teenagers
Youth conference about success Mobility/ research Teenagers
Evaluation Skype Project’s coordinators
Long term mobility for youth workers and short term mobility for teachers and parents/  Job shadowing Mobility/ research youth workers, teachers and parents
Seminar with Mobility/ conclusions of the research Teachers, Youth Workers, Parents and EVS volunteers
Process of the analysis on the information gathered and creation of the T kits and the strategy On line international cooperation youth workers, teachers and parents
Local conferences and international online for dissemination of the results Local activities and On line international cooperation Local, national international community.
Final evaluation Skype Project’s coordinators

How to Apply

If you want to become partner of this project, please fill out the form that you can download from herBYELUe: partner info

If your organization/institution will be selected you will have to sign and stamp the mandate.


Deadline to apply -25th April.

Please keep in mind that you have to be able to involve one formal education institution with its own PIC number.

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