Raul Dragan – Training and Networking Projects in Antalya, Turkey /„Chance”/ 15-21.09.2013


 Training and Networking Projects in Antalya, Turkey      „Chance”   15-21.09.2013

A new valuable experience has been added to my career after having participated in a training-course in Turkey, which took place from 15 to 21 September in Antalya, Adrasan. Thus, as A.C.T.O.R. representative, I took part in a great training whose aim was to raise awareness on how to use NFE as a tool for inclusion. The project was hosted by the Turkish National Agency for LLP and YiA Programmes and gathered 15 youth workers and youth leaders from Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey.

Among the general objectives of the course, I can list here: achieving common understanding of non-formal education and inclusion, sharing experiences about inclusion/exclusion realities, exploring needs of socially excluded groups and NFE opportunities for different individuals and also existing examples and implementations in our work, b

est practices on how to use NFE for inclusion and developing project ideas.


During the training and in accordance with the main theme we undertook quite many debates; we worked in teams in order to develop projects ideas and the participants took note of several definitions regarding the terminology used in exclusion/inclusion work field. As main activities we had workshops on basic concepts on exclusion in society, activities to facilitate and understand non-formal learning process, role-play games in order to foster group dynamics and group work methods to support development of new mutual Youth in Action projects among participants.

Here I have to mention also the first working day when we discussed about the organizations we represent and later on the organizers along with us put on the intercultural night which ended up with a great feeling shared by all participants that we have all found out new interesting things about each participating country and organization.


The training provided us with great chance, “Chance” being also the name of the training, to establish new partnerships among participants and organizations they represent. One important thing that helped us in getting to better know one another was the final task, namely we split up in 4 teams in order to develop projects whose results would help us to fight against exclusion within society and to adopt and implement good solutions in fostering social inclusion among marginalized people.


Besides working time, we had also enough time for sight-seeing, two boat trips, swimming, diving, partying in a Turkish disco, shopping in downtown and so on, not to say that trainers were awesome, accommodation and food was great and Turkey and Turkish people and culture are very interesting and are worth visiting and meeting.

Last but not least, I have to add that the training couldn’t have been organized without accommodation, food and training financial support from Turkish National Agency.


Moreover, training expenses were partly financed by the Romanian National Agency for Communitary Programns for Education and Professional Development, which covered 100% of my travel costs.




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