Selection results for OBJECTS THEATRE Grundtvig Workshop

Thank you to all of you for the interest in our OBJECTS THEATRE workshop!

Please find below the selection results with the rectification after the selected candidate from Latvia (Liga  Vilde) decide to cancel (8.10.13)

we were forced to make a new change on 21.10.2013:  Joris Bastian and Fenne Van Os have a serious accident,

so here is the new workshop team! Let’s hope this is the final one:

nr Name Country
 1 Jonna Banck Suedia selected
 2 Diana Araújo Montes Rodrigues Portugalia selected
 3 Ecenur ÇAKIR Turcia selected
 4 Katri Hoogand Estonia selected
 5 Alev TEKEOĞLU Turcia  selected
 6 Mai-Brit Grauenkjær Bondo Danemarca selected
 7 Victor Revilla Spania selected
 8 Cristina Peia Spania selected
 9 Laura Nuñez Spania selected
 10 Toivo Varbu Estonia selected
Lelde Eglinska Letonia ineligible
Małgorzata Sendek Polonia ineligible
Omni Lindfors Finalnda ineligible
Arta Strakša Letonia ineligible

Congratulation to  the selected candidates!

Soon you will receive by email  information about the workshop preparations.

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