The exhibition “I like the book because”

In the “Volunteering_Live@Museum.Ro” project time Eliise Selisaar and Miriana Squillaci create on the  face book  page “Running On Page” a challenge, for all people with passion for reading. They post pictures with the book and the reason that they have to love reading that book. Eliise prepare these pictures like a black and white posters and here you have a very creative exhibition about … literatury and passion for books.

euflagprogryiaro-01 935539_249621911845616_1883714660_n 733826_227051564102651_325783772_n 577970_227051627435978_209113541_n 577326_230708920403582_1551559331_n 562128_235718199902654_153406171_n 531099_223835024424305_966764646_n 539792_246673935473747_1438669294_n 549228_221533467987794_1103538907_n 555556_238614002946407_1947156932_n 559758_224997654308042_1376129745_n 528422_248794751928332_1833980208_n 426397_227051600769314_1734687457_n 393754_230708890403585_1455287579_n 390744_254673004673840_52960696_n 387355_249621891845618_447588545_n 936789_256942774446863_538132941_n 941522_254367331371074_1807281526_n 44852_248794805261660_1253483594_n 150465_221532891321185_147240966_n 302455_248794838594990_501940562_n 936574_248794785261662_1281315382_n


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