“Here There” will start in September

Programul “Aici Acolo” va continua si in anul scolar urmator printr-un nou proiect SEV numit “Here There”. Voluntari din tari europene, dar si din Ghana, Argentina, Peru ii vor invata pe copiii si tinerii romani despre culturile lor, ajutandu-i sa inteleaga diversitatea culturala… asa cum este ea… nici buna, nici rea, nici frumoasa, nici urata. Incepand din 2009 an de an mii de copii au cunoscut aproape 100 de voluntari si iata ca ACTOR nu se opreste aici. Sheila din Ghana este prima voluntara selectionata! Ea este profesoara, cum se vede si din imagini si cu siguranta va avea multi prieteni timp de un an cat va sta in Romania.

The Program Here There will continue also this school year with a new big EVS project, approved by the Executive Agency. Volunteers from European countries, but also from Ghana, Argentina, Peru will teach the Romanian  kids and youth about their own cultures, helping them to understand the cultural diversity… Since 2009 thousand Romanian kids know almost 100 volunteers and ACTOR will not stop here… 

Sheila from Ghana is the first “Here There ” selected volunteer. She is teacher and as you can see from these images she will have a lot of fans and friends in the 12 months that she will stay in Romania.29806_10151066763170950_238465923_n 197289_10151066763215950_1068870415_n sheila la clasa 1 sheila la clasa euflagprogryiaro-01 eacea_logo_en


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