A.C.T.O.R. pregateste Festivalul “Aici Acolo 2013”

Editia din 9 mai  2013 a Festivalului “Aici Acolo” se afla in procesul de pregatire. 18 gradinite si-au ales cate o echipa de copii care invata de zor dansuri, cantece din 15 tari. Asteptarile sunt mari avand in vedere ca editia din 2012 a fost un mare succes dupa cum se poate vedea vizitand blogul special creat : http://festivalulaiciacolo.wordpress.com/

Anul acesta acest eveniment este creat prin proiectul “Here There Everywhere”, finantat de Programul  Tineret in Actiune.

The edition from 9th of May 2013  of the “Aici Acolo: Festival is under preparations. 18 kindergartens have chosen a team of children which practise dances and songs. The 2012 edition has been a great success after how you can see on the special blog: http://festivalulaiciacolo.wordpress.com/.

This year the event is realised though the EVS project “Here There Everywhere”, with the financial support of Youth In Action Program.  


here there everywhere brand final color a


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