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The week from 01st until the 7th of April was also called “Different week” in the formal educations system. The idea was to promote different style of learning the things using mostly non-formal education methods.

HTE volunteers, of course, were part of this experience because we always use fun, more creative and more stimulating methods to transfer our messages to the children and in the same time to create a more relaxing environment for them, but still to give them some knowledge.

We consider that non-formal education is very important in person’s development because they give him a chance for opening his/her mind to be able to think in a critical way, to widen his perspectives and work on his competences. Also one of the greatest thing about our project is the touch with the people from other cultures that opens children’s minds to be tolerable towards other cultures and consider differences as something normal and beautiful rather then a threatening thing for their culture.

This week we had open lessons for the parents in the schools and the kindergartens which are in our program and our goal was to show them the importance of the influence that these methods have and the unique way of transfer the message is irreplaceable. Also is nice to have someone else – a person that is not your teacher but rather a friend with whom you can more easily work with not being afraid or stressed about the evaluating, so it gives children a chance to be relax, to be themselves and give the best!

Learning by doing!

Aleksandra Siljanoska- from MacedoniaHTE training pedagogic  13-15.08 (362)



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