about A.C.T.O.R. – a movie with old and new EVS volunteers


A good explanation of this movie you can find in the email sent by Felix Burgos, A.C.T.O.R.’s EVS volunteer in the project named “Two Vitamins T”  (2009-2010)

Thank you Felix!!

“Hello hello!!!!
 I’m Felix, from EVS. Do you remember me?
 Now I’m with Giom in a biking tour. We have the video from Bucharest.
I hope evrything is good. I miss a lot my time there. Now I’m making origami everywhere!
Each time that I think in EVS time, I learn new things and I realise how important is, how many things you bring to me, discover and teach. For all of these things, THANK YOU!
You are a very important part inside of me. Stefanita, Eugenia, thanks a lot a lot!
Have a good day, I hope you enjoy the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I9b2m8MrF8&feature=plcp
 All the best,
 Your friend, Felix”

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