“Juggling water”, 4-20 iulie 2012, Aberystwyth, Wales (UK)

In perioada 14-20 iulie 2012 s-a desfasurat in Aberystwyth, Wales (UK), trainingul pentru facilitatori in proiectele de schimburi de tineri din cadrul retelei Drums for Peace, denumit “Juggling water”. Scopul acestui proiect a fost acela de stimulare a creativitatii si implicarii facilitatorilor, de formare a asa numitilor “creative citizens”. A.C.T.O.R. a fost reprezentata de Alina Tanicui, Loredana Moldovanu si Monica Maita. Alaturi de Romania au mai fost prezenti reprezentanti din Albania, Estonia, Tara Galilor, Serbia, Germania si USA, unii dintre ei fiind la a doua participare la acest training. Traineri in acest proiect au fost Iwan Brioc (Tara Galilor), Richardt Nielsen (Danemarca) si Aleksandra Jones (Serbia/Tara Galilor). Prima zi a trainingului, “The Authentic body” a fost dedicata expresiei corporale, facilitator fiind Aleksandra. A fost un exercitiu de comunicare nonverbala, in care lucrul in echipa dar si in perechi te provocau sa-ti dai frau liber imaginatiei dar, sa-ti activezi toate simturile si sa inveti sa ai incredere in partener. Prima zi s-a incheiat cu un scurt tur al orasului A doua zi a proiectului ,” The Authentic Voice”a fost cea in care Richardt ne-a initiat in tainele folosirii propriei voci, pentru asta fiind nevoie sa te eliberezi, cel putin pentru moment, de inhibitii  si sa lasi sa iasa la suprafata sentimentele si trairile. La sfarsitul zilei ne-am adunat toti pentru seara interculturala, in care am avut cunoscut o mica parte din traditiile si obiceiurile celorlalte tari participante. S-au dansat dansuri populare, s-au gustat mancaruri specifice, s-au baut bauturi traditionale si am sfarstit cu un jam session international  Aceste prime doua zile ne-au pregatit pentru ziua in care trainer a fost Iwan, “The Authentic Mind”, in care provocarea a fost de a iesi din propria zona de confort, aratandu-te astfel vulnerabil in fata celorlalti participanti, confurntandu-te cu situatii pe care, de regula, incerci sa le ascunzi de ochii si urechile eventualilor spectatori. Dar, de data acesta spectatorii erau acolo nu pentru entertainment ci pentru a fi martori. Seara s-a incheiat cu muzica si dansuri traditionale galeze (Twmpath Dawns) Penultima zi a fost cea in care am aratat in ce fel am putea prelua rolul facilitatorilor. Ne-am impartit in 3 grupuri si am conceput, cate un scurt exercitiu pentru ceilalti participanti. In fiecare zi, la sfarsit, se facea o evaluare a activitatilor zilei, impartiti in 3 grupuri, fiecare grup cu cate un trainer. Ultima zi a fost cea a evaluarii finale, in care fiecare participant si-a spus parerea despre cele zilele petrecute in Aberystwyth. Iar petrecerea de final a fost cea care a nascut sloganul proiectului, “we are amazing lovespace”.

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Between the 14th to the 20th of July 2012 in Aberystwyth, Wales (United Kingdom), the training for facilitators in youth exchange projects in the Drums for Peace network, called “Juggling water” has been held. The purpose of this project was to stimulate the creativity and involvement of the facilitators, training the so-called “creative Citizens”. A.C.T.O.R. was represented by Alina Tanicui, Loredana Moldovanu and Monica Maita. Along with Romania there were attendants from Albania, Estonia, Wales, Serbia, Germany and USA, some of them in at their second participation in this training. Trainers in this project were Iwan Brioc (Wales), Richardt Nielsen (Denmark) and Aleksandra Jones (Serbia / Wales). The first day of training, “The Authentic body” was dedicated to body expression, facilitator being Aleksandra. It was an exercise of nonverbal communication, the team worked in pairs but also challenged you to leave imagination free but, activate your senses and learn to trust your partner. The first day ended with a short city tour. The second day of the project, “The Authentic Voice”, Richardt was the one which initiated us in the secrets of using our voice, for it is necessary to be free, at least for now of inhibitions and let come to the surface the feelings and emotions. At the end of the day we all gathered for an intercultural evening, where we had seen a small part of the traditions and customs of other participating countries. Dances were danced, specific foods were tasted, we drank traditional drinks and we had a International jam session. During these first two days we were prepared for the day when the trainer was Iwan, “The Authentic Mind”, the challenge was to get out of the comfort zone, showing your vulnerablilities to other participants, confronting with situations that, usually, are hidden to the eyes and ears of potential viewers. But this time the audience was there not for entertainment but to witness. The evening ended with music and traditional Wales dances (Twmpath Dawns). The penultimate day was one where we showed how we could be in the role of the facilitators. We divided into 3 groups and we designed, one short exercise for other participants. In the end of every day, an evaluation of the activity was made, as we were divided into 3 groups, each group with one trainer. The last day was the final evaluation, in which each participant had his opinion about the days spent in Aberystwyth. And finally there was the party which bore the slogan of the project, “we have amazing lovespace”.


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