The Selection Results for the Grundtvig Workshop “Puppetry in Communication 3”

Here are the selection results for the 3rd edition of Puppetry in Communication

Grundtvig Workshop:

Country Participants
Belgium Jeroen De Turck
  Czech  Republik Stanislava Egyedova
  Cyprus Chrisi  Paraskevopoulou
  Germany Peter Dunkl

Belgium Loubna BEN YAACOUB
  Italy Massimo Capano
  Latvia Inese  Ābola
  Slovenia Mojca Kirbis
  Turkey Akdogan Ismail

Reserve list:

 INVITED Belgium Loubna Ben Yaacoub
Germany Gertrud  Zell -Dunkl
Germany Mirjam  Lewin
Turkey Nafi  AKINCI
Poland Monika  Tils
Greece Despina  Kanellopoulou
Letonia Olesja  Kizenkova
Slovakia Zdeno  Matta
Turkey Mehmet  Kabak
Latvia Mara Gange
Turkey Mehmet Atakan  Avsar
Turkey Mehmet Aksufat
Turkey Mehmet Salih Kochan

Ineligible candidates:

Turkey Rabia Sahan
Spain Francisco Manuel  Vazquez Torronteras

The selection process was determinate by the following criteria:

–         Cultural diversity

–         Gender balance

–         Ages balance

–         Back ground with  few opportunities

–         Motivation and interest for the Workshop topic

Dear first 10 people from the list, we expect your confirmation until 22.05.12 .

After that we will start to invite the candidates from the reserve list to full fill the group


Because of your big interest for our project, we think that our workshop can host more 4 other people extra project grant. BUT they should cover 100% their travel expenses to Romania (Bucharest) and to pay 250 Euro fee for: travel from Bucharest to Codlea, food, accommodation and workshop materials and activities.

The good part for these 4 places possible participants is that they will have the chance to have another Grundtvig workshop free in the next 3 years.

For the first 10 selected candidates this workshop will be 100% free, but in the next 3 years they can’t have a new Grundtvig workshop opportunity.

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