Call for participants Puppetry in Communication 3- Grundtvig Workshop

Puppetry in communication 3

01/07 – 7/07/2012 / Codlea Romania

If you want to apply download here:

 Application form Pupetry 3

Deadline to receive the applications to  and is 15.05.2012 / The selection results will be published to this blog  until 20.05.2012.

Subject area:  Artistic education; Cultural topics ; Teaching basic skills for adult learners; Basic skills / key competences for adult learners; Intercultural education; Learning opportunities for people at risk of social marginalisation

Working language(s): English

Target Group: Adult learners, teachers, youth workers and people involved in social assistance works, parents and grandparents

Main activities Programme :

„ Puppetry in communication 3” workshop will use puppetry to underline usual communication problems in the daily activities of the educators, youth workers, animators and social assistants, parents, grand parents but also aged persons. Using the training exercises of the professional puppeteers, the learners will understand better how observation, coordination, cooperation and the joy to play will make them more confident and with more personal awareness in interaction with different kind of group problems or communities (ex. Disabled people, social problems groups or interethnic communities). The workshop leader– Eugenia BARBU, is actress in Tandarica Theatre since 1992, and trainer in European projects since 2008. She has a lot of experience in this field. The program includes workshop activities, intercultural events, meeting with local community and, of course, few hours of free time.

You can see the movies of the provious 2 similar workshop to:

The trainer of this workshop – Eugenia BARBU starts to work with origami since 1997 for puppets theatre projects and she starts to be trainer in this field in 1999. In 2002 she found A.C.T.O.R. to develop important educational programs using origami like a communication tool. She has an important experience working with kindergarten children, youth and adults. The program includes workshop activities, intercultural events, meeting with local community and, of course, few hours of free time. Between 2010- 2012 Eugenia Barbu belongs to the national trainers’ network for the program Youth in Action. In this work she is developing trainings for all kind of people coming from disadvantaged areas or with all kind of difficulties. She is focused in this kind of work to prepare EVS volunteers for their projects in Romania or in other European countries and also to train EVS mentors to be able to work with volunteers coming from all around Europe.

Daily activities:

Learning  day 1: Introduction; knowing each other; team building Ice breaking and names games Short

puppetry history How the puppetry can help in difficult situations Theoretic presentation Short movies and a power point Discovering the hands expressivity Hand gymnastic Intercultural evening ;Presentation of the food, music, dances and puppets from all participants’ countries

Learning  day 2: Body coordination; Some commedia dell arte tricks ;Express your ideas using the hands; Improvisation and nonverbal dialogs with free hands; Express your ideas using different kinds of animation; How to tell a story, how you send a message manipulating objects (ex. shadow, paper, sand fabrics …etc)

Learning  day 3: Observation of the reality ;The participants will create different styles of puppets using all kind of materials in a real puppets building workshop ;Animation of the new built puppets; The participants will create individual moments trying to communicate personal ideas with the ownbuild puppets

Learning  day 4: Team building with puppetry; Cooperation in small groups. All partners of the team will manipulate elements of one big puppet ;The best monologue is the dialog ;The technique of the dialog between puppet and puppeteer

Learning day 5: Making a small performance ;Performance will include a selection with the best moments of the workshop ;Performance Presentation of the performance will be for disadvantaged people in Coldlea ;The final evaluation Forms; the final movie analyse ; discussion in circle

Workshop Organiser: A.C.T.O.R.- Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania

Workshop Reference number: 2011-1-RO1-GRU13-15115

Please send this application form fully completed and signed (page4)  until 16.05.2012:

– To A.C.T.O.R. using this emails: and

– To the Grundtvig National Agency in Romania:

–  To the Grundtvig National Agency in your country (Addresses of National Agencies are available on the following web page: )

 The selection process:

Between 15.04 – 16.05.2012 we are open to receive your application documents (this application form and the CV-

Between 16.05- 20.05.2011 we will make the selection. It is possible in this week to call you for short interviews.

The result of the selection (10 European participants 2 Romanian participants and 10 reserves) will be published to the until 20.05.2012. After these dates we will start the preparation process.

We are looking forward for your applications… and good luck!

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