The selection for Here There Everywhere project is launch officialy

promo HTE for candidates

 “Here There Everywhere” offers to the 20 EVS volunteers selected the chance to work and live 12 months in a very diverse cultural group with young people coming from16 countries.

The activities will start on the 1st of August 2012 and will end on the 1st of August 2013 and the hosting place will be in Bucharest.

This project is a follow up of a long list of EVS projects starting with 2009 and you can see what was happened before just visiting:

Diversity, Aici Acolo 10-11 ENGL

The candidates profile:

1. age between 18-30

2. interested in working in children

3. open mind and a lot of tolerance living and working in a such big cultural divers group (people from 16 countries)

The main activities:

 1. Doing clinic animation for the children in 3 hospitals of Bucharest (3 days/ week, 2 hours each day).

What is clinic animation?

Through this activity we are trying to cheer up the children and make them forget about the unfriendly environment of a hospital. Our volunteers play with puppets, balloons, draw, read, make different creation workshops, make origami with the children, depending on what the condition of the child is and on the way the volunteer likes to express himself. 

Who are the beneficiaries of this activity?

The categories of children from the hospitals are with orthopedic problems or burned, from the oncology section or with lung problems. Some of them are also from poor families or from other social areas with problems. Their treatment often requires a long period in the hospital, an unfriendly environment for the child. Also, because of the condition of the children, working with them requires special care and responsibility form the volunteers, but also creativity.

 2. Meetings with young people from rural areas, talking about a youngster’s life in an European context. Here you will use different methods like forum theatre or debates to challenge the youngsters to think about their role in the community or in Europe in general and about volunteering.

 Who are the beneficiaries of this activity?

They are young people from high schools in rural, disadvantaged areas. Working with beneficiaries their age requires a special type of communication, different to the one of the beneficiaries from the hospitals.

 3. Presenting your culture to children (4-11 years old) through games, poems, songs and other playful activities.

 Who are the beneficiaries of this activity & organization?

 This activity will take most time of your schedule and throughout the year, you will meet hundreds of children  from different kindergartens,  schools, social centers  in Bucharest and all around Romania.

With each group, each volunteer will have 3 meetings (1 meeting per week). From Monday to Friday you will have each day at least 1 meeting with one group.

Cultural diversity workshops will be also organized in different rural kindergarten, schools and social centers. In the holiday time this events will be organized in camps in different places around Romania.

 In all of these activities above you will be the ambassador of your culture:

  • Through attractive, playful and interactive ways, used by you, the children should discover and understand themselves and the world around them better.

Other kind of activities can be getting involved in A.C.T.O.R.’s annual events

National Origami Contest

Flower Campaign (fundraising selling in community origami flowers to can make Easter gifts for children in hospitals)

Christmas Campaign (collecting toys from children, clinging and preparing them for Santa’s giftsJ)

– Aici Acolo Festival-  cultural diversity event for children

Shadow Theatre performances for disadvantaged children

Financial condition:

The project is financed by Youth in Action Program – European Voluntary Service (Executive Agency) and all expenses are fully covered all 12 mounts (travel to Bucharest and back, accommodation, food, pocket’s money, communication, local transportation, visa, Romanian lessons…etc)

If you are interested you- can download the form and after you will full fill,  please send it to

volunteers selection form HTE

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