ACTOR’s main responsabilities for the EVS sending projects

ACTOR responsabilities like sending organisation

 The EVS accreditation number for ACTOR is 2010-RO-6

A.C.T.O.R.’s main responsibilities

For sending volunteers in European Voluntary Service projects



A)    Suport for the volunteers’  recruitment process (trough the Internet portal :;; and  )

B)    Cooperation and help to prepare all information and documents for  the application form

C)    Help and support for the coordinating organization to prepare all necessary documents for the volunteer before the project’s start

D)    Enrolment for the AXXA insurance

E)     Cooperation to find the best prices and time table for volunteers  travel in the hosting country

F)     Suport and mediation  for the hosting organization and the volunteer supporting the project’s management

G)    Organise the Predeparture training

Predeparture training objectives:

  1. to clarify the non formal context of EVS,
  2.  to clarify mentor’s role
  3. to clarify what is youthpass
  4. to make the volunteer to understand the EVS intercultural usual problems
  5. to clarify  procedure in case of conflict situation
  6. to inform the volunteer  about risk prevention and AXXA procedures
  7.  to decide with the volunteer how will be the best way for communication and support in the project time and also after her return home
  8. to offer links to other EVS Romanian volunteers to can share and compare the personal  EVS experiences

H)     Help  the coordinating organization to have all necessary documents for the final report

I)        Disemination of the project results trough

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