Luxembourg the sixth mobility/ Luxemburg a sasea mobilitate a proiectului Inclusive Toolbox

Luxembourg este una dintre cele mai frumoase tari din lume si cu una dintre cele mai diverse populatii, o bogatie umana din toate colturile lumii. Colorat si plin de farmec, acest loc m-a facut sa descopar cat de necesar este sa poti aduce oameni atat de diferiti la un loc, cate nevoie au ei de asta, cat de exclusi sau izolati se simt uneori. Am cunoscut la Cuisine du Monde, o romanca ce lucra in domeniu chimiei si pentru care seara in care am gatit impreuna  in Esch sur Alzette, mancare din Polonia si Armenia, era cu adevarat unul dintre cele mai interesante momente ale ultimelor ei luni in acel oras.

Apoi am inteles cum functioneaza Soiree Literaire Millefeuille si ca acest produs cultural este de fapt un puzzle de creatie comuna. Seara la care am participat s-a desfasurat la muzeul vinului si cu toate ca numarul participantilor nu a fost foarte mare in acea saptamana, toata lumea a venit cu dorinta de a cunoaste noi oameni, de a se bucura de spectacol, de a gusta mancaruri din mai multe parti ale Europei si de a  degusta vin, deoarece aceasta era tematica serii.

Am invatat in aceasta mobilitate in Luxembourg impreuna cu grupul foarte dragut si prietenos venit din Portugalia, Spania, Polonia, Italia, Romania si bineinteles Luxembourg si sa vedem cum functioneaza Yoga prin ras si Yoga de relaxare dar si sa dansam dansuri orientale. Am vizitat si ne-a fost explicat cum functioneaza in Schifflange, Club Senior care se autointretine prin  nevoia oamenilor in varsta din acea localitate de a face activitati impreuna si cum uneori acolo au loc activitati printre care si seara literara de care spuneam mai sus.

Am inteles ce inseamna Festivasion si cum sub umbrela unui concept functioneaza in parteneriat multe asociatii care au de multe ori acealasi scop de a face evenimente in care sa includa minoritarile din acel spatiu prin folosirea in functie de nevoie a diferitelor resurse.

Dar pana la urma, atunci cand privesc in urma imi aduc aminte cate minunat e Luxembougul in timpul toamnei si la oamenii pe care i-am intalnit acolo, atat de diferiti si frumosi.

Luxembourg is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and with one of the richest in diversity human population, which came from all around the world. Colorful and full of life, this place made me discover how necessary is for this people coming from so different cultures to be able to interact, how strongly need to do things together and not forget the cultures they came from, to not feel excluded or isolated. I meet at Cuisine du Monde a Romanian woman that was working in the chemistry field in Luxembourg. She came in Esch sur Alzette to cook with us food from Poland and Armenia and for her this was a very special moment.

Next I found out how Soiree Literaire Millefeuille works and that this cultural product is actually a puzzle of a creation process of a lot of people with so different backgrounds and coming from different cultures also. This event took place in the Museum of Wine and everyone came with an open heart to meet new people, enjoy and participate in the performance, taste food from all over Europe and of course wine.

From this Luxembourg learning session, along with the multicultural group that came from Portugal, Spain, Poland, Italy, Romania and of course, Luxembourg, I’ve learned also how does Yoga Laughing and Relaxing Yoga work and to dance on oriental music. We also visited the Senior Club of Schifflange that is self sustained trough the need of old people in that small city to do activities together, including ones like the literary nights that I was talking about in the previous description.Also I understood what Festivation means and how under an umbrella of a concept, a lot of associations that have the purpuse of making activities and event to include minorities can work together, use the same spaces and human resources.

But, at the end, when i look back at the days i spent in the Inclusion Tool Box learning session in Luxembourg, i remember how beautiful the city looks in the autum and of the nice and so different people that i meet there.

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