The Selection’s result for the Grundtvig Workshop: Origami- the ancient folding paper art – Connects Europe 2

We receive 22 application forms from 10 countries. Respecting the following criteria:  gender balance; age balance;  cultural diversity and motivation, we decide that the participants to our workshop will be:

1. Ali Dede Tanaci /Turkey

2. Izzet Zorlu/  Turkey replaces -Yusuf Kus/ Turkey

3. Gülbin ÖZDEMİR Turkey replaces Hasan Acan/ Turkey

4. Vasiliki Tea/ Greece

5. Monika Svobodova/ Czech Republic

6. Filipa Silva/ Portugal

7. Joana Lucas / Portugal replaces Monika Dimerska/ Poland

8.  Jazeps Krukovski/ Latvia

9. Liga Strikmane/ Latvia

10. Uwe Schlottermueller/ Germany

Reserve list:

a. Pavel Kubasek- Czech Republic

b. Alona Selivanova- Latvia

c. Zanda Abeltina Aliksne- Latvia

d. Marek Purnoch/ Czech Republic

Thank you to all candidates  and for your interest in our workshop!

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