Programul Maria- programul de animatie clinica desfasurat pentru copiii din spitalul Lacul Bucura/ the clinical animation program for the children of Bucura Lake hospital

Lacul Bucura..

Unde e Lacul Bucura?… aaaaaaaaah, nu-i un lac, e o strada din cartierul Ferentari.

Si ce e acolo ?

Pe strada Lacul Bucura la numarul 40 este un spitatul pentru copii cu boli de plamani. Prima data am fost acolo anul asta in prima jumatate a lui august. Abia intoarsa din stagiul meu SEV, mi-am dorit foarte mult sa merg.

Dincolo de poarta inalta si albicioasa se intinde o curte pe care n-o banuiesti de la intrare. Era soare si cald, dar aproape nimeni acolo.. doar doamnele asistente, pe care le-am salutat, stand la o vorba afara, pe o banca. Dar chiar langa banca, stau doi prichindei pe scaunele. Cum ne vad incep sa se mute incet, incet, cu tot cu scaunele mai aproape de usa.. unde aflu in cateva minute ca se afla dulapul ACTOR. Dulapul magic, cum imi place mie sa cred ca e. Plin mereu cu tot felul de minunatii: plastilina, puzzle-uri, culori, acuarele, carti, blocuri de desen, o minge, o stropitoare albastra, bomboane si eugenii si multe altele.. practic tot ce poate fi mai bun pentru joaca si invatat.

Cand am iesit prima data din micutul hol in care e dulapul, cu bratele pline de jocuri si creioane colorate, cei doi copii de pe scaunele au avut un zambet imens la unison, fara sa zica nimiiiiiiic. S-au ridicat timid cand i-am invitat la joaca si ne-au urmat mai mult topaind de fericire decat mergand.

Sunt multi copii in acest spital. Si de toate varstele. De la unii care abia au un anisor, si care doar ne privesc cu ochii mari din bratele mamelor si pana la adolescenti. Am desenat, decupat, lipit, invatat culori si cifre impreuna, i-am convins prin jocuri sa spuna mai des „te rog frumos”, „multumesc” si „cu placere” si am spus povestit despre multe altele impreuna. De fiecare data, marti si joi ne asteapta, sau daca ajungem inainte sa se trezeaca, odata iesiti din camera alearga spre masa din curte la care lucram.

Nu-i usor sa lucrezi acolo.. la masa nu incap toti copii si multi stau in picioare, pe jos, unii peste altii.. pe unde apuca. Dar important e ca zambesc si ne jucam impreuna si inca e cald si putem sta afara la aer.

Cei doi care ne asteptau la inceput pe scaunele sunt frati si se numesc Dan si Diana. Sunt cei mai fericiti cand ne vad.

Diana mereu ma intreaba ce facem data viitoare sau cateodata lucruri mai complicate: „Dar de ce nu veniti in fiecare zi?”. Liniste. Am ramas o vreme fara cuvinte si dupa cu greu am silabisit ceva. Intr-o marti nu am reusit sa ajungem asa ca ne-am dus doar joi iar Diana mi-a spus cu o voce aproape trista: „N-ati venit marti. V-am asteptat.” Are 6 ani.

Nu poti fi voluntar doar pentru o zi daca mergi la Lacul Bucura, copii te vor astepta si daca poti merge o sa te cheme ca un magnet gandul ca ei se gandesc la tine.

Dan fura mereu, in joaca, un obiect care iti apartine si vine sa ti-l arate, ca sa il alergi, prinzi si sa iti recuperezi obiectul. Mereu spune ca nu-l mai da inapoi si rade cu pofta cand il prinzi, mai ales daca ai alegat destul dupa el. Are 5 ani dar pare mult mai micut

Pe strada Lacul Bucura e un spital in care copii isi doresc sa se joace, sa vorbeasca si sa fie fericiti, chiar daca sunt bolnavi.

Mirela Stoian, 26 ani, volunta

Bucura Lake..

Where is Bucura Lake?… Oooooh, it is not a lake, but a street in Ferentari neighborhood. (Bucharest, Romania).

And what can you possible find there?

On the Bucura Lake (original: Lacul Bucura) street at the No. 40 there is a hospital for children with lung diseases. The first time I’ve been there, it was in the first part of August and I wanted very much to join the program there. It was right after returning from my EVS experience.

On the other side of this high, white gate, there is a yard that you cannot see from the entrance. It was so hot outside and the sun was shining, but almost nobody there, except for the medical assistants, to which we politely said hello. They were staying outside on a bench, talking. But near the bench, there were two little kids on small chairs and from the moment our presence was noticed, they started moving discreetly with the chairs closer and closer to the door, where… I will found out very soon that there is A.C.T.O.R.’s locker. The magic locker, as I like to believe. And that is because it is always full of all kind of wonderful things that are designed for playing and learning: puzzles, water colors, colored pencils, books, papers, a ball, a blue small watering can, play dough, candies and other sweets and much other stuff.

When I stepped out, for the first time, from the small hallway where the locker is, with my arms full of games and pencils, the two kids staying on chairs had both, simultaneous, this huge smile, without any word. Any word at all… They got up from the chairs only when we invited them to plays, and shy they followed us, but more in a happily jumping mode instead of really walking.

There are a lot of children of all ages in this hospital. From some of them that barely have one year, and look at us with big, big eyes from their mothers arms up to youngsters. We learned together how to color and cutout paper in shapes and glued it to make bigger pictures, learned the names of the colors, how to write letters or which are the numbers. We played games that teach how to say “please”, “thank you” or “welcome” and we invented stories together. Every Tuesday and Thursday this children are waiting for us, of if we get there before they wake up, they run outside in their pajamas straight to the table we use for activities.

It is not easy to work there… the table is not big enough for all the children to have a place, so a lot of them stay on the ground, or in the arms of the others… anywhere there is a place. But they do not care, they smile and we play together and it is still warm and we can do everything outside where we have fresh air.

The two of them, waiting for us at the begining on the chairs are Diana and Dan and they are brothers. They are the most happy to see us every time.

Diana is always asking what we are going to do the next time, but sometimes even tougher questions: “why aren’t you coming here every day?” Silence… For some time I had no words and then I could hardly fumble the answer into actual words.

One Tuesday was impossible for any of us to go there so we only went on Thursday, and Diana told me with an almost sad voice: “You did not come on Tuesday. We waited for you.” She is 6 years old.

You cannot be a volunteer just for a day in Bucura Lake Hospital. The children will wait and the thought that they are thinking of you will be like a powerful magnet.

Dan is always stilling objects, while playing. Something that belongs to you and he will show you what he stole, just for you to have a reason to run after him to get the object back. His favorite line is “I am not giving this back!” and he laughs a lot when you catch him, especially if you spend enough time running after him. He is 5 years old, but he looks way younger.

On the Bucura Lake street there is a hospital with children that have a great desire to speak, play and be happy, in spite of the sickness.

Mirela Stoian, 26 years old, volunteer

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