“Origami the Ancient Folding Paper Art Connects Europe” Grundtvig workshop held in Codlea 4-10.07.2011


In perioada 4-10 iulie in Codlea, judetul Brasov, A.C.T.O.R. a organizat Atelierul Grundtvig “Origami the Ancient Folding Paper Art Connects Europe“. Au fost 12 participanti din Italia, Lituania,Romania , Letonia, Turcia si Cehia.

Afland cum poate fi folosit origami sa comunice idei sentimente, participantii de varste intre 19 si 57 de ani, s-au descoperit pe ei insisi, s-au descoperit unii pe altii si culturile lor. Sesiunile au fost tinute de o echipa alcatuita din Eugenia Barbu, Andreea Vasilescu, Stefan Tatu si nu in ultimul rand Mihai Stefanita Barbu.

Zi dupa zi au descoperit ca origami poate ajuta la creerea unui eveniment, dar si la animarea unui grup de orice varsta, realizand mici spectacole sau jocuri amuzante sau pentru a te conecta cu lumea pe internet putand chiar realiza scurte filme de animatie.

In ultima zi a atelierului codlenii mici si mari au putut participa la un atelier de o ora si jumatate chiar in Casa de Cultura fiind astfel primii spectatori ai momentelor de teatru si a scurtelor filme de animatie realizate prin plierea patratelor de hartie colorata … Si bineinteles ca limba de comunicare nu a mai contat atunci cand participantii workshopului au devenit “profesori origami”. Cele  trei filmulete de animatie realizate intr-o sesiune de doar 3 ore pot fi gasite la linkurile de mai jos. Pentru a afla ce s-a intamplat la eveniment cititi aici : http://codlea-info.ro/atelier-si-expozitie-origami-cu-a-c-t-o-r-in-codlea/

Between the 4th to the10th of July in Codlea, Brasov, A.C.T.O.R. organized the”Origami Folding Paper Art connects the Ancient Europe”Grundtvig workshop,with12 participants from Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Latvia, Turkey and Czech Republic.

Learning how to use origami to communicate ideas, feelings, participants aged between 19 and 57, have found themselves, and found each other and their cultures. Sessions were held by the team formed of Eugenia Barbu, Andreea Vasilescu, Stefan Tatu and last but not least Mihai Stefanita Barbu.

Day after day the participants found out that origami can help create an event, or the animation of any age group, making fun small shows or games or to connect to the internet world or even make short animated films.

On the last day of the workshop the people of Codlea, small or big, could participate in a workshop for an hour and a half in the House of Culture thus the first people of drama and brief moments of animated films made by folding squares of colored paper … And of course the language of communication did not matter when the workshop participants have become ” origami teachers.” Results of the project are visible online. And three animated movies made in a session only 3 hours. Can be found at the links below. To find out what happened at the event click here: http://codlea-info.ro/atelier-si-expozitie-origami-cu-a-c-t-o-r-in-codlea/


One thought on ““Origami the Ancient Folding Paper Art Connects Europe” Grundtvig workshop held in Codlea 4-10.07.2011

  1. It was a highly educational and gratifying experience. Sincere thanks to all the staff of A.C.T.O.R. association and to all those who participated.
    Santina Gesualdo a( learner)

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