Codlea Puppetry in Communication 2011

Cei 12 participanti au descoperit, condusi de catre Eugenia Barbu, Andreea Vasilescu si Stefanita Barbu cum se contureaza un personaj , cum i se stilizeaza miscarea pentru a fi transpus in universul teatrului de papusi.
Atmosfera a fost entuziasta, iar participantii s au dovedit a fi extrem de motivati , oricat de solicitante au fost sarcinile ce le au fost date in timpul atelierului.
Cu concursul participantilor in primele 2 seri am cantat, dansat, vazut costume traditionale, am aflat povesti, din Polonia, Italia, Turcia, Spania, Letonia, si bineinteles Romania.
A 3 a seara a fost destinata vizionarii de filme dintr o selectie de numere ale unor mari maestrii papusari din lumea intreaga.
In ultima zi a atelierului, respectiv 25 a fost un mare spectacol la Codlea la care a asistat intreaga comunitate de copii a orasului (au fost asteptati 50 de copii si au venit peste 500).
Au putut vedea in Casa Municipala de Cultura un spectacol de o ora care a continut momente de teatru de papusi cu tehnici extrem de diferite(papusa pe mana, papusi compuse, o papusa de 8 m, teatru de umbre, etc.).

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The 12 participants have discovered, lead by Eugenia Barbu, Andreea Vasilescu and Stefanita Barbu  how to create a character, how to add style to it’s movement so it can be set in the universe of puppet theatre.
The mood was enthusiastic, and the participants have proven themselves to be extremely motivated, regardless of the tasks given during the workshop.
With the contest of the participants in the first 2 evenings, we danced, sung, saw traditional costumes and learnt stories of Poland, Italy, Turkey, Spain,Latvia, and of course Romania.
The third night was destined to watching movies from a selection of performances of different puppetry masters from around the world.
In the last day of the workshop, on the 25th there was a gib show in Codlea wich was assisted by the whole community of children of the city( 50 were expected, over 500 came).
They saw in the Municipal House of Culture a show of one hour length, whom contained moments of puppet theatre with very different techniques(hand-puppet, composed puppets, an 8 m puppet, shadow theatre).


2 thoughts on “Codlea Puppetry in Communication 2011

  1. hello, i want to participate in Puppetry for communication 3(1/7/2012-7/7/2012).I want to communicate with someone who is responsible so as to get a formal acceptance in the course.Can s.o help me?thanks on advance, Magda

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