A.C.T.O.R. is looking for volunteers

The Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania- A.C.T.O.R. is opening the call to find partners for a new EVS project:

 “Here, There, Everywhere”

We plan to apply “Here, There, Everywhere” on the 1st of February 2011 deadline to the Executive Agency in Brussels.

Through this project, cultural diversity has a chance to get into the lives of hundreds of Romanian children, with playful activities and creative methods, brought by the EVS volunteers from “Here, There … Everywhere”, inspired by the childhood folklore from their own culture.

Children with different social backgrounds or from various geographical areas in Romania, as European citizens of tomorrow, will have the chance of an early knowledge of the cultural diversity. This will lead to a realistic understanding of the intercultural universe around them, accepting cultural differences between people and integrating them into their universe of knowledge without stereotypes, becoming like this more tolerant, less tempted by xenophobia.

20 EVS Youth volunteers from all European countries, but also from Africa, South America and China are invited, through the activities that will take place, to scan their own culture and then to present it in an easy way to the children, making it more attractive and more understandable for the target group. This process brings by itself a powerful and essential form of non-formal learning, because scanning is based on the identities of the volunteers, and it’s made in a way they don’t usually have the occasion to do.

This project continues the experiment of this concept implemented in A.C.T.O.R.’s four other projects: “InterCOOLtural HOUSE”- 2009, “Coloring kids’ life” from 2009 to 2010). “Here-There” (“Aici-Acolo”)– 2010-2011, “Diversity”- 2011. Analyzing the success of the projects in the local community in Romania (Ministry of Education, teachers, parents, media and especially children), and also the impact of experiential learning of the volunteers, led to our decision to extend the idea and to involve new cultures.

Each partner will help us select one volunteer. We will select just one partner from each country. The project will run for one year starting August 15, 2011.EVS sending organizations are invited to apply by sending us the part III,  filled, until 20 of January scanned by email and in original by post with signatures and stamps.

email: evs_actorromania@yahoo.com;

Address: B-dul C-tin Brancoveanu. Nr. 111, Bloc CV5, Sc. 1, Apt. 10, Sect. 4, Cod postal 041444, Bucuresti, Romania

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