TC “Solution: PUPPETRY!!”

A.C.T.O.R. is looking for partners for the training course – Action 4.3

What? Solution: PUPPETRY!!
Where? Codlea, Romania (near Bran Castle – Dracula’s Castle)
When? 20-26.03.2010

A.C.T.O.R. is working with puppetry for youngsters as a nonformal education tool since 2002. It is always a great activity to create performances with different kinds of objects, expressing ideas and feelings. Puppetry could be the perfect language in intercultural projects, too, because in the world of puppetry, the word “impossible” doesn’t exist. It is cool to have no limits creating characters about our world and speaking freely about difficult problems with the puppet’s mouth.

Who is invited?
This training proposes to all open minded youthworkers to start to use every day puppet-projects with their group of youngsters. Also if you are 18 years old and puppetry inspires you – you are welcome in Codlea as a participant in this TC!

Financial aspects:
The participants will cover 30% of the travel expenses.
The grant will cover the rest: accommodation, food, training activities.

What to do to become a partner?
Send us a message about what is or what could be puppetry for you and your organization.
Send part 3 with signature and stamp before 29 of October to

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