Puppetry for Communication


Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami in Romania
with the support of GRUNDVIG Workshop grant


is hosting in TRANSILVANIA –Codlea, a small town far enough (30 minutes) from Dracula’s Castle
The workshop :
Puppetry for Communication

Target group:
Adults older than 18 years old
Financial conditions:
A.C.T.O.R. covers 100% for travel, food, accommodation and workshop expenses.
The workshop will use puppetry to underline usually communication problems in the daily
activities of the educators, youth workers, animators and social assistants
Using the training exercises of the professional puppeteers, the participants will understand better how the observation, coordination, cooperation and the joy to play will make them more confident and with more complex availability in their work with different kind of problem groups or communities (ex. disable people, social problems groups or interethnic communities).
They will discover how the creativity can help finding solutions in extreme situations.
The trainer of this workshop – Eugenia BARBU is actress to Tandarica Theatre since 1992.
The program includes the workshop’s activities, intercultural events and one meeting with the local community and of course few hours of free time
This workshop’s idea is to connect the professional puppetry language with the real life, trying to include all the possible application of it to break the barriers and the xenophobia of the disadvantaged groups and communities.
The puppets are more interesting without words and this make this universal art a very high level of nonverbal communication’s style.
And we want to underline that our world become more and more visual… it starts to be easily to understand the visual symbols.
In conclusion we believe that the innovation is the mixture in the social life problem of the ancient puppetry art.
And the European dimension stays in the nonverbal communication force of the puppet theatre.
The learners will gain confidence, new skills, new abilities, knowledge in an artistic field and in same time social one. They can apply with these things to different activities, changing in a way something in their life. Learning process started here must continue at home, in particular conditions with many living experiences.
They will be trained to find creative solution to build bridges between people form different cultures and with different educational, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
The participants will have the possibility to apply the workshop’s information and activities to help people with difficulties to be more creative in communication. This can help them to find better jobs or to develop some social activities. They can also open a funny and creative business.


If want to be participant in this project please send us an e-mail to:



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