APV Creating Fusion Through Inclusion Belgia

In perioada 8-10 mai a avut loc in Belgia intalnirea pregatitoare a proictului Creating Fusion Through Inclusion (ce s-a desfasurat intre 21-28 iunie), proiect la care urma sa plece un grup de copii din grija DGASPC sector 1.
Directia Generala de Asistenta Sociala si Protectia Copilului sector 1 este partener local al ACTOR de cativa ani, colaborarea dintre noi materializandu-se in realizarea proiectelor EVS “Playing is serious job” 1, 2 si 3 in cateva din casutele sociale din raza DGASPC sector 1. Tineri din Portugalia, Franta, Spania, Italia, Germania, au facut animatie clinica, s-au jucat, fiecare de la o perioada de 6 luni pana la 1 an, cu copiii cu handicap din acele casute.
De asemenea, prin acest parteneriat, unii copiii din grija DGASPC sector 1 au avut ocazia sa participe la schimburi internationale de tineret.: ca si in 2008, in proiactul Art for Disable is Real, organizatorii din Belgia si-au propus sa aduca impreuna tineri cu handicap, cu probleme sociale sau fara, din 5 tari diferite, pentru ca impreuna sa vada care sunt asemanarile si diferentele intre felul cum se descurca acestia in societatea de zi cu zi din fiecare tara. Tinerii sunt  ajutati sa se exprime de mijloacele artistice folosite in ateliere: tobe aficane, ikebana, confectionat palarii si bijuterii etc.

L a acesta intalnire pregatitoare au fost stabilite ultimele detalii ale proiectului in functie de nevoile speciale ale participantilor impreuna cu ceilalti reprezentanti din Estonia, Spania, Lituania, Belgia.
Discutiile au fost tratate cu maxima seriozitate astfel incat sa nu fie omis niciun detaliu care ar putea sa apara pe parcursul proictului si sa produca o situatie conflictulala, sau mai rau, sa afecteze sanatatea participantilor.

Pe parcursul proiectului propriu-zis, liderul grupului a fost doamna Ruxandra Faur, Director la centrul de plasament Sf. Petru si Pavel.


In the weekend between the 8th and the 10th of May took place the advance planning meeting for the project Creating Fusion Through Inclusion (21-28 June), where a group of children from the General Direction of Social Assistance and Child Protection in Romania was expected to participate.
The General Direction for Social Assistance and Child Protection district 1 is A.C.T.O.R.’s local partner since a few years ago. Our collaboration has materialized in the EVS projects “Playing is a serious job” 1, 2 and 3, in some of the social houses which are under the care of DGASPC district 1. young people from

made clinic animation and played- during a period from 6 to 12 months-, with the children with handicap from those houses.

Also, through this partnership, some of the children under the care of DGASPC had the occasion to participate to youth exchanges: like in 2008, at Art for Disable is Real, when the organizers wanted to bring together young people with physic or social handicap or with no problems from 5 different countries, so that they can observe the differences in the way they live in their own society. The young people were helped to express themselves by artistic means: African drums, flower arranging, hats or jewels making workshops.
At this meeting we established the last details of the project according to the special needs of the participants, together with the other representatives from

. We took this meeting with big responsibility, in order to discuss every detail and not forget anything that can create later an unpredictable situation that can harm the participants.

During the project, the leader of the group was Ms. Ruxandra Faur, Director of the social center Sf. Petru si Pavel.

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