Two Vitamins T

ACTOR’s team would like to thank everyone who showed interest in our EVS project proposal, Two Vitamins T!!
From all of the interesting personalities we’ve discovered and interviewed by phone, we had to make the hard decision of choosing 7 young people…
They are:

Bohdana Kosarchyn


Felix Burgos


Gulsum Ketenoğlu


Melanie Preuchat

5.Bao Ghislain Khanh, France

6. Jordan Marty, France
7. Marilyn Merisalu, Estonia
We would like to wish them GOOD LUCK in this new experience and also to everyone who sent us their CV’s, so that they  will find the perfect EVS J 

One thought on “Two Vitamins T

  1. Hello,
    I’m very happy to have been choosing for the project. I’m impatient of all meet you and live this experience!
    See you soon
    Mélanie Préauchat

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