Looking for volunteers

A.C.T.O.R. is looking for volunteers
Name of the project:    Two Vitamins T
Puppet Theatre and Forum Theatre
Duration of the project:12 months
Number of places available : 7
Starting date: 1st of  October 2009
Host/coordinating organization:
A.C.T.O.R.- Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami inRomania


 EVS accreditation send/host/coordinating organization 2007-RO-10



Two Vitamins T is a project composed by two kinds of activities,
linked by the common theme:


Using puppetry and forum theatre for social changes:

A. Forum Theatre /approaches through forum theatre the differences between how young people from rural areas see life in opposition with young people from the big cities, giving them an intercultural dimension. The objective of this part is realizing a forum theatre performance with young people from the rural communities near


. The forum theatre methods will be used to dare, to investigate, to change ways of how young people percept and understand and integrate into the community. The results will be valorized on a debate campaign on the internet (through articles, movies) which will determine the community to think about this subject.

B. Puppet Theatre /the volunteers will create puppet theatre performances for children with social, geographical and health disadvantages.
The volunteers will work together in a TEAM in two stages:
1. A training to prepare them and to develop their theatre skills. They will conceive and realize, with help from professional specialist in Forum theatre and puppeteers, the performances that they will play.
2. After that, there will be a period when they will have performances, around 5 per week.
!!!  The project will also contain a clinic animation program which will take place in three hospitals inBucharest

, discovering the way young people with health problems are integrated in the community.

Working in hospitals
The clinic animation program takes place in 3 different hospitals: 3 days per week, around 3 hours per day. The categories of children from the hospitals are with orthopedic problems or burned, from the oncology section or with lung problems. Some of them are also from poor families or from other social areas with problems.
Their treatment often requires a long period in the hospital, an unfriendly environment for the child.
The volunteers go in the hospital rooms and play with puppets, make origami with the children, depending on what the condition of the child is.
Sometimes only talking with the child in a friendly and optimistic way can improve his state.
Working in puppetry
Working in puppetry asks for a playful spirit and an open-minded person, able to appear on the stage without problems, with some talent at drawing, and a good animator.
Working with Romanian teenagers
Working with teenagers can be challenging sometimes, but seeing the progresses they make after working with you can be very satisfying. If you are calm, patient, responsible, careful, but in the same time creative, funny, skillful, you are a good candidate for working with kids and you should use your potential. Also, you have to know how to make yourself listened to and to be a good public speaker, who can keep a relation with the press also and who can improvise easily.
Working in this project does not require professional abilities in any of its activities. Your participation is expected to take the abilities you have in this domain to the next level as it will be proved in your Youth pass.
If you are interested in this project, please send a CV with a funny picture JJ

and a motivation letter to evs_actorromania@yahoo.com until 20.05.09. 
 Looking forward to hearing about you!


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