Journey in a Balloon- training course for youth workers

Journey in a Balloon


DEADLINE 25.03.09!
Training course for youth workers organized by A.C.T.O.R.-



WHEN: 1-7.08.09

Introduction: A.C.T.O.R. develop successful local youth project with the modeling balloons art. We are working with other art form usually… but we discover that balloons modeling make the youngster to become more creative and interested to work together for different projects. Also it is a great nonverbal communication support and this makes it to be number one in the youth activities top.
This art was the base for two great trainings for social assistants working with very disable children in



At the end of this TC all participants will
  •  have new and better balloons modeling skills
  • know how to use the balloons in youth work for a better quality of the local projects
  • know how the balloons can be support for the intercultural projects
  • build new partnerships for balloons youth exchanges or other kind of projects in Youth in Action  Program
We invite interested people over 18 years old, involved in youth works.
Financial details:
A.C.T.O.R. will support 70 % of the travel costs, and full accommodation, food and the training course expenses
The participants must cover 30% of the travel costs
HOW to apply?
You can find out details about the application at:

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