ACTOR is looking for volunteers

Name of the project:
cOLOriNg KiDs’ LifE!!
Duration of the project:
max 12 and min 10 months,
during a scholar year
Number of places available : 4
Starting date: 2 places from 1 August
2 places from 1st of September 2009
Host/coordinating organization:
Cultural Association for
Theatre and Origami inRomania


EVS accreditation
send/host/coordinating organization
The activities of the project will take place during one school year (August and September 2009- July 2010)
-in different kindergartens inBucharest

– in three hospitals for children where A.C.T.O.R. performs clinic animation programs
Working in kindergartens-

The  kindergartens have innovative and creative ways of working with children, respecting their diverse personalities and giving them all the necessary means to express themselves.
The education they receive is individualized, so that the program in the kindergarten can develop all the potential qualities of the child. The child is learning by discovering while interacting with the world around him in a non-formal and motivating way.
The volunteers will work in couples, one team for one kindergarten, deploying all kinds of artistic activities- painting, dancing, theatre or educative games. Choosing the activities depends on the volunteer’s way of expressing himself and interacting with the kids the best. The children are divided in age groups and the method may depend on that.
These activities have to follow the values of the kindergartens and to open the children’s mind to the cultural diversity around them. 
Through attractive, playful and interactive ways, the children should discover and understand themselves and the world around them better.
Also, having as teachers and friends interesting personalities from
will improve their communication skills and their trust in them.
The volunteers will also collaborate with the other educators from the kindergarten to prepare artistic moments with the children for different events and may get involved in the daily chores in the kindergarten.
Working in hospitals
The clinic animation program takes place in 3 different hospitals: 3 days per week, around 3 hours per day. The categories of children from the hospitals are with orthopedic problems or burned, from the oncology section or with lung problems. Some of them are also from poor families or from other social areas with problems.
Their treatment often requires a long period in the hospital, an unfriendly environment for the child.
The volunteers go in the hospital rooms and play with puppets, make origami with the children, depending on what the condition of the child is.
Sometimes only talking with the child in a friendly and optimistic way can improve his state.
Working with Romanian children
Working in this project does not require professional abilities in any of its activities.
Working with children from
to 6 years old or from hospitals can be challenging sometimes, but seeing the progresses they make after working with you can be very satisfying. If you are calm, patient, responsible, careful, but in the same time creative, funny, skillful, you are a good candidate for working with kids and you should use your potential. Also, you have to know how to make yourself listened to; because children are the most exigent audience….that could be another challenge for you!
Working in this project does not require professional abilities in any of its activities. Your participation is expected to take the abilities you have in this domain to the next level as it will be proved in your Youth pass.
The intercultural experience
Once you’re here, you will have the opportunity to discover the Romanian culture from inside. The children you will work with and the system they are in will be an important way to observe and to learn more about us.
You will also meet other Romanian young people, as well as other European volunteers hosted by A.C.T.O.R. and this could be a very valuable experience for you!
If you are interested in this project, please send a CV with a funny picture 🙂

and a motivation letter to until 15.03.09. 
Looking forward to hearing about you!


Call closed!!
Thank you for the interest shown in our project!
From all the candidates, we slelected those who were closer to our candidate profile:
1. Ailie Templeton, Scotland
2. Chloe Violleau, France
3. Sarah Gebel, Germany
4. Jana Donis, Germany
5. Michaela Zebedin, Austria
Hoping for a good collaboration!

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