Din luna decembrie, ehipa de voluntari europeni gazduiti de A.C.T.O.R. pentru proiectul ‘Playing is a serious job’ este completa! Celor 5 tineri veniti in octombrie (Barbara- Germania, Susanne- Germania, Marion- Franta, Gabriel- Franta, Javier- Spania) li s-a alaturat si Aurelie Blondet, din Franta…..exact la timp pentru a participa la una dintre cele mai importante campanii ale A.C.T.O.R., “Jucarie, jucarie, sa facem o bucurie!” si pentru a experimenta traditiile romanilor din preajma sarbatorilor de iarna 
 Acum Aurelie a inceput sa lucreze cu copiii de la Casute si se pregateste pentru inceperea unor ateliere cu copiii de la o gradinita, impreuna cu colegul ei, Gabriel…dar mai multe ne vor povesti ei cu siguranta, dupa ce isi vor incepe activitatile


Aurelie, mereu zambitoare
Aurelie, always with a smile on her face


Aurelie, Andreea and Cristina
Starting from December, the European Volunteers team hosted by A.C.T.O.R. for the project called ‘Playing is a serious job’ is complete! Aurelie Blondet from
joined the 5 young people who came in October (Barbara from
, Susanne from
from France, Gabriel from
and Javier from

)….just in time to participate at one of A.C.T.O.R.’s most important campaign, “Toy, toy, let’s make a joy!” and to experience the Romanian traditions for the winter holydays

J Now Aurelie has started working with the children from the social houses and she’s preparing to start some workshops with the children from a kindergarten with Gabriel…but they will tell us more details for sure after they will start their activities there


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