A.C.T.O.R. is looking for volunteers for InterCOOLtural House

name of the project: InterCOOLtural House 
Host/coordinating organization:
A.C.T.O.R.- Cultural Association for Theatre and Origami inRomania

 About the project :During the project, the volunteers will work at the artistic programs that usually take place at the Cultural House Nicolae Balcescu: painting clubs and different workshops for children, theatre , dance performances exhibitions and other events… Also, they will do clinic animation with the ill children from 3 hopitals inBucharest –

A.C.T.O.R.’s partners and special animation for disable children in Sf. Vasile Social Center.

Their assignments will be both working with children and event-management.
The volunteers will have the chance to come with their own initiatives so that they can enjoy their work!
 Number of free places: 4
Duration: between minimum 6 months and maximum 12 months.
Starting date: March 09
Abilities: They should like working with children (including ill and disabled children, too), they should like to help plan and organize artistic events, they should be creative, dinamics, but patient. Most of all, they should make themselves understood and listened to.
This project could be a valuable experience for the volunteers.
Getting to know a different society, culture and a different way people live, interacting with various social categories, may change their perspective about life and improve their personality.

 How could the volunteers influence the project?
Their presence and energy could change the atmosphere in good, bringing some freshness and charm to the activities from the cultural house, and also to the clinic animation programs in the hospitals.
The volunteers could improve the programs in progress by coming with your own ideas and initiatives like new activities (maybe some inspired from their culture) for the children or various courses…
Or they could be an important ‘source’ from whom the children could learnabout different cultures…

If you are interested in participating at this project, hurry up and send your CV and motivation letter to cristina.tc89@yahoo.com until the 10th of October!
The project will be sent to the National Agency inRomania

for the 1th of November deadline.

Looking forward to hear from you!
A.C.T.O.R.’s EVS team!

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